FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was forced to resign Monday, just as the House Intelligence Committee is expected to vote on the public release of a classified memo this afternoon revealing extensive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuse under the Obama administration, sources told this reporter.

McCabe apparently lashed out to his colleagues when he was told he would be asked to resign, according to sources. FBI Director Christopher Wray viewed the four-page memo on Sunday, sources familiar with the discussions said.

McCabe, who is facing three federal inquiries for conflicts-of-interest during his time at the FBI, is one of the numerous names mentioned in the classified memo detailing FISA abuse, according to sources who reviewed the memo.

The federal inquiries into allegations against McCabe, who was expected to resign in March, are based on documents and interviews conducted by this reporter over the past year and range from sexual discrimination to improper political activity.

McCabe, a central figure in the ongoing Russia investigation against Trump, is also part of the Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s ongoing review into the FBI’s handling of former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server to send classified information.

Current and former FBI officials said McCabe’s resignation is the beginning of more resignations to come.

“There are people lining up in the bureau to go after McCabe,” said a former FBI official, with knowledge. “There will be a clean up at the Bureau of his cronies.”

According to several U.S. officials, McCabe’s government communications were collected as part of the ongoing DOJ Inspector General investigation, which is expected to be completed by March.

FBI spokeswoman Carol Cratty declined to comment on the resignation.

The process to declassify the document could take anywhere up to five days. President Trump is not expected to object to the memo’s release and the House Intelligence Committee is expected to pass it, stated White House officials in an earlier report.

“My understanding is they will proceed with the vote tonight,” said Rep. Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican. “This memo is something I want every single journalist and American to see, I think it’s that important. If Wray saw the memo, there maybe something to McCabe’s resignation. Or it could also be something as innocent as him using his sick time or leave up until retirement.”

The classified memo is considered “explosive and shocking” and hundreds of Republican members and only a dozen or so Democrats have taken the opportunity to review the report in a secured area, according to congressional sources. The memo also contains information that suggests Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein reauthorized warrants based in part on the unverified dossier to gather communications on former Trump advisor Carter Page, sources said.

House Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows, R-NC, said that he is hopeful the memo will be released to the public and called its contents “shocking.”

“I think from my standpoint there are concerns about political interference by law enforcement and judiciary agencies,” said Meadows, as he prepared to board a flight back to Washington D.C. “These important issues require greater transparency ad it’s critical lady justice remains blindfolded and that the privileged do not have the upper hand in the judicial system.”

Democrat Adam Schiff, D-CA, who has long stated he believes President Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia but has offered no proof, said the classified memo is “profoundly misleading” and asked that it not be released

Carter Page, who is one figure at the center of the memo’s revelations, filed his most recent libel lawsuit against Oath and Broadcasting Board of Governors, Radio Free Europe for the story “Report: U.S. Intelligence Officials Examining Trump Advisor’s Russia Ties” written Sept. 23, 2016. The report came a day after Yahoo published a report, which cited multiple sources that suggested Page was under investigation for his ties to Russia. Page has also filed libel suits against Yahoo News and Buzzfeed. Page asserts in the lawsuit that he was a victim of “swatting,” a term used when a group or person provides false information to law enforcement to provoke an emergency action to be taken against a target.

The dossier, which was compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele, was paid for by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign. The DNC and Clinton campaign had hired now embattled research firm Fusion GPS to compile the research. Fusion GPS had previously lobbied on behalf of companies closely connected to Russian President Vladimir Putin against the Magnitisky Act, a U.S. law prohibiting companies and people connected to the death of Sergei Magnitsky from owning property or conducting business in the United States. Magnitsky was an auditor at a law firm in Moscow who uncovered $230 million worth of fraud by Russian tax officials and police officers. After he reported the fraud he was detained by Russian authorities and then died in a prison under suspicious circumstances in 2009.

“By falsely and publicly identifying Dr. Page in the U.S., Europe and worldwide as the main accomplice in the most prominent crime story in recent history and simultaneously mischaracterizing the libelous articles as primarily stemming from slightly more legitimate leakers within USG (U.S. government) agencies rather than the opposition political research consultant Christopher Steele, BBG and RFE played an essential roles in the USG’s black propaganda campaign by branding him as the subject of completely outrageous criminal allegations instigated by earlier excerpts from Mr. Steele’s final report (the “Dodgy Dossier”),” Page states in his complaint filed on January, 19.

Page, who lists a number of previous ‘swatting’ cases, states in his complaint, “In these more benign and little-known swatting cases, defendants have been held accountable by courts…The alleged untruthfulness attached to the DOJ’s allegations in the illegitimate FISA warrant issued against Dr. Page and related abuse of process in 2016 based on the dodgy dossier helps to directly fulfill that burden.”

The Department of Justice and some leading Democrats attempted to stop the committee from releasing the classified FISA abuse memo, citing that the classified nature of the document could threaten national security. The DOJ argued in a letter written by Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd that the department had not been given the document for review.

However, several members of the committee told this reporter that the information contained in the memo is lists extensive FISA abuse that occurred before and after the 2016 presidential election cycle.

“What’s important is that the American people will be informed and that the corruption by a few people inside the bureau and DOJ will be exposed,” said a former FBI source with knowledge of the situation. “We can’t move forward unless we as a nation are willing to come clean about what’s been going on and the first step is telling the truth.”

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  1. Thank you for your continuing coverage and thorough reporting on this issue. Its a shame so many journalists today just parrot what the big companies tell them to report. They never bring in anything genuine or that they discovered through hard work and digging. They basically just repeat what is on the big democrat media complex machine reports.
    Thank you very much.

  2. Sara,
    Enjoy reading your columns, as well as listening to you as a guest on Fox News. I’m sure your alma mater is proud to call you a graduate of their journalism program. You ma’am, are a credit to your profession, unlike so many today who are just plain “hacks” with no journalistic integrity! Just found your website today while reading the Gateway Pundit, and very glad I did! Count me as a daily reader.

  3. Good Day, Ms. Carter. I enjoy your work. The bigger picture here, in my opinion, is the danger that Democrats have presented themselves to be, to one of our most important fundamental traits, without which, our Republic doesn’t work. I am talking about the peaceful transfer of power. Most seem to forget the Transfer of 2001. In that transfer, Democrats Bureaucrats and operatives behaved like children with mischief which had far reaching consequences. Perhaps you remember some of the juvenile games which took place. Removal of “W” keys from keyboards throughout the White House. Obscene Outgoing messages left on various White House answering machines. I ask you, if you were a member of the Transitioning Bush Administration, would you put any credence into anything these overgrown teenagers said? Whether it be relating to economic reality or terrorism threats, they had proved themselves not to be serious people. I am quite sure no reminding is necessary for the latest nefarious behavior by the Democrats in regards to the Transfer of Power. I do believe our enemies, (see Al Queda 2/1993 &9/ 2001), are very aware of our vulnerability during that very precious time window in our Republic.

  4. What Republicans believe the epitome of journalism is: constructing entirely false narratives to protect Trump
    What is really is: taking the facts and then constructing a narrative
    Our institutions may never recover from Trump and his abuses. This “journalist” probably knows how deeply misleading and untruthful she is being, but she’s making money off of it, so she doesn’t care.

  5. This old man almost cries with gratitude and admiration every time I see Sara on TV.

    Wonderful, Sara Carter is wonderful. Thanks Sara!

  6. I remember reading about this FISA stuff a year ago, seeing your stories and wondering how far the tale would go. Wow. Way to stick with the story against all currents and tides. Thank you, and don’t give up until you pull on the thread as far as it needs to be pulled.

  7. It’s sickening beyond words what has been done to our law enforcement and other government agencies during eight long/short years of obama’s reign. Everything has been fundamentally transformed. Everything has been weaponized by embedding the agencies with political HACKS and yes-men and lackeys, willing, and now, able to subvert our democracy, abusing their power, obstructing justice and sabotage the rights of regular citizens, voters, campaigners for political office, and elected officials.

    Truly, it’s mind-boggling! obama has been able to turn our democracy into a third world banana republic in such a short time. Not even the media has been immune – as is always the case with all corrupt narcissist petty dictators. obama has proven to ALL AMERICANS, how truly fragile our democracy is!!
    Indeed, obama the man and #obamalegacy has been, SHOULD BE, a lesson for us all.

  8. How does it feel to have scooped all of your colleagues? 😉 You should win the Nobel Peace Prize! This US Citizen is very grateful for you! Keep up the good work!!

  9. Honest Citizen, you are honestly deluded and are besmirching the reputation of a courageous, hard-working reporter who I have come to depend upon as a truth-teller. She is in marked contrast to the lazy, febrile propaganda pushers in the mainstream press.

  10. Sara Carter, you are a true investigative reporter.

    I have a comment about your motto, ” TAKING BACK THE STORY”. I know what you mean by this, but I believe that the motto could be subject to misinterpretation. Isn’t “taking back the story” what CNN and The Times are often forced to do? It reminds me of the Srixon Golf Ball Motto, “Play a Better Ball”.

    I am appreciative of the service you are providing America.

  11. Thank You! I think I can speak for most of us that we are tired of getting beat up 24×7 by MSM and deranged liberals. I welcome dialog, but there is nothing but bias everywhere we look. This corruption…

    Russian Collusion! Really? What about a Silent Coup by our own Intelligence Agency and an outgoing Administration. Wow! But the silence is deafening.

    This is a dark chapter in American History. I had lost hope… until now.

  12. She does back up her facts with real, breathing sources, which is more than the propagandists at CNN and MSNBC do with their “anonymous” sources which are never revealed.

  13. After a year of trying desperately, Trump’s accusers have offered ZERO proof to back up their assertions, why is that????

  14. Sorry, fishergirlusmc, that was meant to be directed at “Honest citizen,” not at you. Hit the wrong reply button.

  15. The only false narrative, Dishonest citizen, is the Russian collusion charges. Republicans will be releasing actual factual information so the American public can decide….

  16. Sara, thank you so much for all your work and perseverance on this story. It’s heartening that there are still a few real journalists out there with the courage and tenacity to investigate and report on a story like this.

  17. Reports on this seem to conflate the Nunes memo with the OIG report. Which one was responsible for McCabe’s resignation?

  18. Bill Clinton was impeached for lying under oath. Hillary had “travel gate” and hitting the stock market lotto with a futures scandal. Obama had fast and furious, IRS, and the Iranian deal just to name a few. You need to change your name from honest citizen to loyal democrat.

  19. Thank you for your honest reporting on this and so many other topics. If it weren’t for you and a very small handful of others there would be no Real News left in the media.

    Keep fighting the good fight – wherever it leads.

  20. Sara, you and John Soloman are HEROES and Patriots to US ALL!! I worry about your safety. Where is John S.?? In the Witness Protection Program?? Watch Your Back!! I hope you have GOOD SECURITY!!

  21. Congratulations to you, Sara for bringing the truth to light. I haven’t heard from John Sullivan lately. Hope he is OK. May God bless and protect you and your family.

  22. Amen Patti. She did this >>>>

    “The federal inquiries into allegations against McCabe, who was expected to resign in March, are based on documents and interviews conducted by >>> this reporter <<< over the past year and range from sexual discrimination to improper political activity. "

  23. #ReleaseTheMemo

    That was a Russian troll farm operation, right?

    It’s not called “The Big Ugly” for nothing. Stay tuned, you may learn something, grasshopper.

  24. Does the fact that Our Democracy was hacked by a foreign power mean anything to you? You’re willing to put petty partisanship ahead of Our Country?

  25. It’s interesting to see how many disturbed liberals are really into posting diatribes against this info. Many other subjects got a yawn, but this….not so much.

    Must be RIGHT OVER THE TARGET SARA, you go girl. 🙂

  26. To be specific, the DNC was hacked. The RNC was an attempted hack. Who hacked the DNC is unknown by direct knowledge. Crowdstrike works for the DNC and Clinton Campaign and advised the DOJ/FBI that is was the Russians. Why the US Intel agencies have been less than curious is troubling. The DNC is not famous for telling the truth. In addition the Pakistani’s have accessed Democratic Representatives records thousands of times. Saying Russia is like saying squirrel. It’s just an attention getter.

  27. I sincerely hope they have McCabe’s phone and computer in hand and have not allowed him to delete files.

  28. Love listening to your calm discussions on Sean Hannity; it makes the case so much worse for all the abuses we’ve had from a few bad apples.

    Now that McCabe’s gone, it’s a start. Let’s see how long before the arrests begin.

  29. Hillary had Seth Rich (and many others assassinated) does that bother you at all? No because if you want to see bias look in the mirror. Did you at all find it odd that once Hillary had identified Rich as the leaker of her emails (he was a Bernie supporter and got revenge on Hillary for rigging the Primary) and had him killed all of the leaks stopped?

  30. Thank you for all you do, keep up the good work and wear a bulletproof vest, the dark queen and the black snake are not happy.

  31. Thank you, Sara Carter, for all your hard work and honest reporting. Now that I’ve found your site, I’ll continue to follow your reports. Keep digging….and someday America will be GREAT again.

  32. “There will be a clean up at the Bureau of his [McCabe’s] cronies.”


  33. You are a hero in all of this mess, Sarah. i thank you and John Soloman for your tireless pursuit of the truth.
    But, where is John Soloman? I’m concerned about him.
    Keep up the good work. We The People need to know. If it wasn’t for you, Judicial Watch and the ACLJ, we’d be in the dark for another eight years.

  34. its kind of like responding with “this person was told that the new restaurant has bad service” when someone asks you if a new restaurant is good. it sounds much more natural to say “i was told” rather than “this person was told”

  35. We are a Republic dipstick, NOT a Democracy.
    Look it up, rule of law , not rule by the mob.
    That is a huge difference.
    Get red pilled and soon, what’s coming out about your Demonrat friends will shock you to the core.
    Pure Evil.

  36. While your premise is a lie, let’s play your game for one minute anyway. Let’s say a foreign power did hack into and cause mayhem (even though not one vote tally was compromised/clapper).

    The real problem is not the hacking, but the hackable server(s). Even with your silly argument it still leads back to hillary for using an unsecure server and other unsecured devices. This is ALL ON HER AND Hussein (who KNEW she had this secret server). Period.

    The woman couldn’t even secure her secret emails. I shudder to think how she would have made us all vulnerable from such recklessness if she had succeeded in stealing the Presidency like she did the nomination.

    It’s just a hard horse sized pill for you to have to choke down realizing that your peeps even suck at being evil.

    Tangible Evidence TRUMPS Fantastical Accusations.

  37. The 4 page memo is a summary of the pages from the OIG findings that they have reviewed thus far, plus facts coming out of the Privtae House Intel Cmt Meetings..

  38. After all these months of Russia-Trump hysteria, I’ve yet to read anything remotely convincing on how the Russians” are supposed to have influenced the US election, or even why they would prefer Trump to the biddable, buy-able Clinton. All I’ve seen is desperately thin stuff about a few thousand dollars-worth of on-line news/advertising, that was (A) the usual “click-bait” stories to generate sales from the advertising, (B) placed by private Russian companies, (C) weren’t targetting states where the vote was likely to change from one party to the other anyway. How can 46,000 dollars-worth of on-line ads possibly overturn the tens of millions of dollars that presidential candidates fling at their campaigns ? The idea is so ludicrous that it isn’t worth expending more than ten seconds on. It is the hard-left that always had the hots for Russia, not the Republicans, and Russia would have been far happier to see a continuation of Obama’s policy of winding-down American influence across the world, and allowing Russia to become a major player in the Middle East once more. If you want to investigate the buying of elections and the purchase of govt policy by sinister forces, then start looking into how a young anti-American marxist by the name of Obama came to be President for 8 years, and how the Clinton’s got their money.

  39. “The Department of Justice and some leading Democrats attempted to stop the committee from releasing the classified FISA abuse memo, citing that the classified nature of the document could threaten national security. The DOJ argued in a letter written by Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd that the department had not been given the document for review.” [bold mine]

    As opposed to all the leaking of classified documents these aѕѕ-clowns have been doing for the past year and change. Pull my other one, dipѕhits, it’s got bells on it.

  40. Firings first. Military tribunals for sedition, treason and espionage next. Firing squads last — pour encourager les autres. What these people (right up to Obama and Clinton) did amounts to a full-on coup attempt. And not even bloodless– Seth Rich comes to mind and there have been other mysterious deaths in the ‘Arkancide’ mode, lately.

  41. Nonsense. From all of you. What is it like to be so steeped in ideology that you hate half of a country? All because one person told you to. What is it like to be so hate-filled? Where’s the civility? We’re heading down a dangerous path. All of this is an attack to discredit the investigation. And get to Mueller. A year ago people were praising him. Hannity practically gushed about him. To top it all off all of these people are registered Republicans. But it is somehow a conspiracy from this other side? My word!

  42. Regardless to what the outcome and the extent of Russia’s interference in the election, I believe they were after one thing: instability. They’ve certainly got that.

  43. @cicero…first you make insane claims about “hacking our democracy” and the standard narrative we have heard for over a year. Then poster refute your nonsense and the best you can come up with is ‘why do you people hate half the country.
    well. lets see…what did your slave master hillary call trump supporters????….right. here is the issue. You are a typical ignorant (lacking knowledge) Intolerenat ( you despise anyone who doesn’t share your misguided thinking) andf you are a bigot. ( accuse everyone and everything you oppose as racist)

    So yeah our country is divided…so how about we return to liberty. protect MINORITY rights.
    And the most persecuted minority is the individual. And an independent thinking individual scares you. they need to be brought top heel. as long as that is thew position of the Authoritarian americans such as yourself, you will be at war with the majority. good luck.

  44. Not that I saw. They were trying to spin it as possibly being the result of undue interference by the president.

  45. I’ve been watching you work with Hannity and look forward to each new piece. Congratulations for the quality of your reporting and the integrity with which you are pursuing the truth. You are a true heroine and should be extremely proud of your contributions.

  46. I think public hangings would be better than firing squads. Either way, there has to be real consequences for all involved including Hillary and her rat of a husband.

  47. How about we investigate the allegations in the Nunes memo? It’s the beginning, not the end. The accused at the FBI and DOJ can testify before the House and give their side of the story.

  48. Hanging’s fine, too. Either way, the takeaway for future wannabe tyrants is “You pull this kind of s–t, you die.”

  49. You seem to actually believe that Trump and his people did something evil to the Democrats besides simply beating them in an election that was supposed to be so heavily rigged that that simply couldn’t happen. Or maybe Trump &co broke into their offices a la Watergate. Or some such bulls–t.

    Too bad for you the only evidence of criminal activity that actually has anything to do with the election is of that perpetrated against Trump and his team.

  50. I’m all for the rights of the individual. Not sure how you surmised what you surmised from a few sentences. I believe in what the individual brings to society and not what society brings to the individual. Not into identity politics and I do not label everyone that disagrees with me as a racist. In fact I encourage disagreement and dialogue as long as it is civil. I’m a Liberal. Not a Libtard
    Name-calling is not useful.
    btw Eight, yes eight, Intelligence agencies agreed that attempts were made to tamper with Our Democracy. Even some Republican Senators admitted it.

  51. LDave, my post seems to have wound up here instead of directly after “Honest citizen”‘s. Oops.

  52. The problem with all this DC BS is the fact it will drag out for years. At 56 I’ve seen all kinds of corruption and law breaking with government officials. You do something wrong, and I guarantee you it won’t take years for you to be arrested. One of these clowns gets in trouble. Watch how fast Equal Justice goes out the window. America knows what happened. Obama and several others were so sure Hillary would win, they rolled the dice. They even rolled a pair of loaded dice…and lost. Now we’ll see if this country truly has Equal Justice under the law. I know where my money will be riding!

  53. You are one of the few people who can actually be called a journalist. Thank you for the time and energy you take to find facts and real sources!

  54. My question all of the doubters is:
    If it is found that the whole collusion thing was ginned up by Obama/DOJ/FBI as a plot to use FISA illegally to hamper/disable/overthrow the Trump presidency (known as sedition in legal terms) will you, the mainstream media and its acolytes and echo chamber musicians) write an article/story/etc. proclaiming so, or will you continue to claim that whole treason/collusion/etc narrative? It is a yes or no question.

  55. Trump shouldn’t have traded uranium for mega speaking fees and donations to his phony charity. The Clintons would never do that.

  56. My guess is that they’re so heavily invested in the narrative that nothing short of finding themselves out of work has a hope in hell of getting through to them. (To put it bluntly, they’ve surrounded themselves with a BS-field strong enough to bend light.)

  57. I agree with you. If someone asked my opinion of a new restaurant, I might reply, “I was told that the new restaurant has poor service”.

    However, if I were a professional Food Critic, stating my evaluation as part of a legitimate publication, I might use “this reviewer”, “this critic”.

  58. It’s unfortunate that people in the FBI didn’t go after McCabe and the rest of that crew before they participated in this mess. How did McCabe get to his current position? Who promoted him? Why? What were the promotion protocols? Was he one of Comey’s boys? Every time there’s a big screw up in the Bureau it’s the HQ suits who do it. No exceptions. Ever. Are we supposed to believe anything produced by the FBI in this mess now?

  59. That’s basically it. Release the memo and release the basis for the memo. Let the Democrats respond, and let them produce evidence in support of their position. That’s the only way we’ll know. Problem is, national security will get played hard, not to protect sources but to protect themselves for their biased unethical conduct. This whole business, I strongly suspect, started out as a D.C. political power play that got caught up in some serious criminal activity. It smells a bit like Watergate. And, like Watergate, we’ll likely not get a full story of all the events surrounding it.

  60. Clearly you are the one that is biased. All the facts are out there in memos that have been recovered and released. The Mueller investigation was started on the basis of false information and was nothing more than a witch hunt. Any reasonable Democrat knows this, but there are always those that bury their head in the sand because they do not want to believe that their party can do any wrong or that there is always a legitimate reason for their deeds. As a former Democrat, I find it disgraceful that the Democratic Party has stooped to playing third world politics. Instead of denying, Democrats should accept the truth and hold their party leadership accountable and make them clean up their politics so the DP once again has some legitimacy.

  61. At this point, the party of slavery, ‘Jim Crow’, the KKK, Arkancide, etc., etc., etc. should just be shown the door to the gas chamber. It is, by now, utterly irredeemable.

  62. “All the facts are out there….” We all know this is not true. And we already know that this investigation was started before this so-called fake dossier. But believe what you wish to believe man. All the best to you.
    I’m not in the habit of defending politicians. The citizenry needs to hold every elected official accountable. All the time.

  63. You couldn’t be more misinformed. She is a real journalist….an amazing journalist. You have your head in the sand.

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