Maxine Waters’ six million-dollar mansion, in stark contrast with her poverty-stricken district

“Maxine Waters does not drink our water, she does not breathe our air, and while she seats here in her mansion, our district is in ruins,” said Joe E. Collins, a Republican who is running against Rep. Maxine Waters for California’s 43rd district.

Collins pointed out that crime and poverty in the 43rd district have only increased under Maxine Waters’ 44 years in public office.

“I survived a drive-by shooting in this house when I was a child, gangs, drugs, violence, that was my upbringing. And where was Maxine Waters?” said Collins in his video campaign ad.

“[Maxine Waters] has a very nice community, she has a really big house – and that’s just one of three or four houses that she has. And meanwhile, she comes to the inner city and preaches the message of hatred and a message of us vs. them.”

“And when she’s done spreading the hate through our community,” continued Collins. “She goes back to this huge mansion while the rest of us live in crime-infested, poverty, neighborhoods where people are absolutely struggling to live.”

“People needed to see that. And so it was very important that we shined a light on the disparities between how Maxine Waters lives and … how we actually live.”