Matt & Mercedes Schlapp: Trump To Speak At CPAC, Dems Impeachment Sham Backfires & GOP More Unified Than Ever

If there is one powerhouse conservative couple that stands out in Washington D.C. it’s Matt and Mercedes Schlapp. It’s also a 24/7 job to keep up with the Republican 2020 presidential campaign at such a crucial time in modern American politics and even tougher to make quality time for family.

So, I decided to join them, their five children and their two dogs for nearly 30 minutes as they drove to their family get-away on a farm at an undisclosed location.

On The Sara Carter Show we spare no expense at getting people on the phone and hopefully the Schlapp’s can forgive our family time interruption.

Matt, who is the chair of the American Conservative Union, didn’t wast time breaking news.

He confirmed that President Donald Trump will again be speaking at Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which begins February, 26 and ends February, 29. The events take place at the Gaylord National Resort & Conference Center and for full disclosure, I will be speaking at an event on February, 27.

“Well, first of all, you just broke news because it’s not public yet that the President’s coming, but I think it’s like it’s a bad secret,” said Matt, after I stuck my foot in my mouth and announced Trump’s participation. Granted I was just going by what was already speculated in the media and had no idea that his appearance hadn’t been officially announced.

“It’s generally known that he [Donald Trump] likes to go, but, you know, all I can say is we’re going to make more room for conservatives in the room and probably a little less room for people in the media, unlike yourself, Sara,” he added jokingly.

“Let’s just be clear here, polling data demonstrates that Republicans and conservatives have never been so united,” he said. “Let me repeat that sentence, never been so united. Never been this united even under Ronald Reagan, so Republicans and conservatives are pretty happy with what President Trump has done and the American people generally.”

“If you look at consumer confidence, if you look at whether or not they think the country is going in the right direction, people, generally, are more positive today than any day in the Obama presidency.”

Mercedes Schlapp, who was former White House Director of Strategic Communications and is now with President Trump’s 2020 campaign, couldn’t agree more. Her work takes her to communities all across the country and she says Americans, from all walks of life, including some Democrats and many independents, are united behind Trump’s message.

“I’ll tell you, we’re at a critical moment right now where you know the President was able to survive Russian collusion, survive the obsession of the impeachment, and it actually backfired because we’ve been able to raise so much money off of, in terms for the campaign, because of the impeachment sham,” she said. “We’re in a strong position in terms of the resources we have, the investments we’re making on the ground, Matt and I had just come back from New Hampshire, following the New Hampshire primary. The energy there, the Trump supporters are out in full force, and they want this president to get reelected.”

She noted that the Democratic party’s continuous targeting of Trump through the ‘Russia Hoax’ and the ‘Impeachment Sham’ has backfired on the DNC, pushing donations to the Republican party to record highs.

And she’s right. The Republican National Committee raised a rough total of $117 million off online fundraising efforts. They targeted people opposed to the impeachment of President Trump from late September up until the Senate voted to acquit Trump on Feb. 5 from the unsubstantiated charges voted on by House Democrats. Republicans added more than 1 million new donors in the process.

But the Trump team, she said, isn’t going to take anything for granted.

“We have to keep our eye on the ball,” said Mercedes. “We have to realize that this is not gonna be just an easy race to win, an easy election to win for this president. It is gonna take every single one of us out there to activate, to get involved, to volunteer in the President’s campaign because these Democrats will do whatever they can with all the resources to beat this president and we just cannot be asleep on the wheel.”

Mercedes, who is also fluent in Spanish and of Cuban decent, is working to bring Trump’s message of entrepreneurship and school choice to the communities across America. She noted Trump’s policies and agenda for America’s future is resonating more and more with Independents and Democrats “disgruntled because they’re seeing their Democrat party going far left.”

She emphasized that Trump’s policies are putting more money in the pockets of hard working Hispanic voters, many who have small businesses, and are seeing tangible results instead of just empty words.

Hispanics “are working very hard, they’re seeing their businesses take off because of the Trump economy and they have more money in their pockets,” she said.

“They love this concept of school choice…and the President is a champion for school choice, while the Democrats are school choice deniers,” Mercedes said. “We know that school choice benefits Hispanic students tremendously as they do black students, so, I mean, I think when you talk about economy, when you talk about school choice, when you talk about what the President’s doing to ensure that American doesn’t become a socialist country and is a defender of democracy and freedom, those are messages that resonate with the Hispanic community.”

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