Mass ‘JEXODUS’ of Jewish People to Leave the Democratic Party

Young Jewish Americans are leading a mass exodus out of the Democratic Party. The new movement, called ‘JEXODUS’ calls itself a group of ” proud Jewish Millennials tired of living in bondage to leftist politics.”

On Monday, JEXODUS Spokeswoman and Former Trump Campaign Staffer Elizabeth Pipko told “Fox & Friends” that it was a shift in policy under the Obama administration that sparked anti-Israel sentiments in the Democratic Party. Pipko discussed the strong U.S. Israel relationship under the Trump Administration and the Embassy move to Jerusalem as obvious successes for the Jewish community in America. However, Pipko said the Jewish left fails to recognize these achievements.

President Trump tweeted Pipko’s words Monday, “‘Jewish people are leaving the Democratic Party. We saw a lot of anti Israel policies start under the Obama Administration, and it got worse & worse. There is anti-Semitism in the Democratic Party. They don’t care about Israel or the Jewish people.'” Elizabeth Pipko, Jexodus”

In 2016, 71% of Jewish Americans voted for Hillary Clinton. This is where the group has immense ground to cover. Pipko said that the organization plans its official launch in April. The group will take on Jewish voters in New York and Florida and will eventually tackle battleground swing states.

Last week, the Democrats passed a weak resolution condemning all forms of hate. The resolution failed to mention Rep. Ilhan Omar by name after she publicly pronounced her anti semitism. The cracks in the Democratic Party are widening as its leaders fail to condemn anti semitism.