Mark Meadows: Dems Have Made Zero Offers In Negotiations On Expiring Unemployment Benefits, School Funding

During a press briefing Friday morning from the White House, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows detailed how the administration has approached Democrats three times to reach a deal on relief for education, unemployment, and more.

Meadows said Democrats have made zero offers to find a solution — despite the proposals being the same or better than their original Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act (HEROES) that Democrats proposed in May.

Meadows called on Congress to “get serious” about negotiations as the enhanced unemployment benefits expire today — he accused the Democrats of playing politics in a serious and grim time for the nation.

“The President has been very clear for us to be aggressive and forward-leaning to make sure that [Americans] get protected,” Meadows said Friday morning. “What we’re seeing is politics as usual from Democrats up on Capitol Hill.”

The Chief of Staff highlighted the importance of finding a temporary solution to the expiring enhanced unemployment. Meadows said the Democrats have been approached with solutions that meet exactly what they passed in the HEROES Act — now they claim the numbers are outdated and need to be higher.

The Democrats believe they “hold all the cards” in negotiations and as a result Americans are hurting, Meadows argued.

“The Democrats have made zero offers over the last three days. Zero.”

Meadows argued the Democrats are going in the “wrong direction” in pursuing partisan politics over aiding the populous in a “dire” time.

The Chief of Staff did not take questions and turned the conference over to Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany who gave remarks and took questions.