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Exclusive: Luis Elizondo warns of National Security implications of UFOs as report draws near



luis elizondo

By Sara Carter

Unidentified Flying Objects, otherwise known as UFOs, is no longer a fringe science fiction topic but one that is now part of the growing lexicon of serious news stories and official government investigations. Described now as Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAPs) by U.S. Intelligence officials, lawmakers and military personnel, the process of disclosure – meaning the process to admit that these vehicles exist – is now ongoing. The highly anticipated report on UFOs is expected to be released Friday and whether the government will disclose the true origins of the unknown vehicles remains to be seen.

What the report will contain and reveal is not public. Still, according to sources that I have spoken with, it will admit that the United States government has been monitoring these vehicles for decades, both in the skies and in our oceans. It will also stipulate that these vehicles possess technology that currently does not appear to exist in our world.

Why the government has now decided to make such a culture shift in how it approaches this topic is the million dollar question but the secrecy surrounding these sightings has now been exposed. We can thank Luis ‘Lue’ Elizondo, the former director of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). The program was part of a large scale Pentagon operation to document the classified sightings. It also became a mission for Elizondo to get the truth out to the American people.

His numerous podcast interviews with me over the past year on The Sara Carter Show have not only been revealing but has honestly changed the way I see our world and our own humanity.

Decades of reports of unusual objects -displaying incredible technological feats – he claims are not part of any covert U.S., or apparently foreign adversary projects or technology. If they are not, then what are they and what does this mean for our nations national security and our culture?

What they are and what are its intentions are allegedly unknown, said Elizondo.

With that in mind there is every reason to be concerned but more reasons to be amazed that in a time where human beings feel we have the answers to so many scientific questions there is a mystery that still exists.

National Security Implications.

Elizondo, along with former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Christopher Mellon – who worked in both the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations – have treaded down a path that has become a game changer in the discussions surrounding these unidentified vehicles and what the admission of their existence means.

“This is a national security issue. And let me also emphasize that Chris was not only a senior government official, but he was also a senior staffer in our legislative branch,” said Elizondo. “And and if there’s one person who knows what, what the meaning of national security is, it’s Chris Mellon. He spent his entire life and career in that arena. And I think it’s also important to know when he said routinely, these things are routinely penetrating or controlled us airspace. What’s important to know is that this is not just episodic, this is occurring on literally on a regular and routine basis, almost on a daily basis. And I think the American people need to be aware of that.”

He added that “furthermore, I think one of the things that when we, when we say this is a national security issue, people automatically jump and say, Oh, this is a threat. Well, the bottom line is, we don’t know for sure how much of a threat it is, if it is at all, and we definitely don’t know if there’s any hostile intent. What we do know is that these…whatever, these are displaying capabilities that we currently don’t have in our inventory. And when you when you listen to some of our members in Congress who have been briefed on this topic, they’re coming out and all saying the same thing that this is absolutely a national security issue.”

In fact, it was former Sen. Harry Reid, D- Utah, who was one of the biggest proponents of establishing the AATIP program at the Pentagon in 2007. It was then an undisclosed, classified program that Elizondo ensured would be the hub of collecting all the information, evidence and data of these UAP vehicles that have become more prevalent around U.S. and foreign military installations around the world.

This December, 2020 – years after Elizondo came forward with the program and the disclosure of the governments UFO program – the government, which has finally admitted that there are unexplainable vehicles in our midst, agreed to turning over a multi-agency report to Congress on the matter as part of the omnibus spending and coronavirus-relief package. The report was put into place by former President Donald Trump. The contents of the report are expected to be both classified and unclassified, with the unclassified portion being released to the public next week.

I asked “Lue” about the congressional report on my podcast Thursday, The Sara Carter Show, and like I expected, he didn’t disappoint.

“Sara, you know, this report is I think we’re probably looking roughly 70 some pages of the complete report at the classified level,” said Elizondo. “And then of course, there’s an unclassified portion that’s due to Congress as well, which is probably going to be much more truncated. If I had to guess, maybe 16 to 20 pages.” He noted that the report may stress the national security implications and concerns of the government with regard to the UAPs.

Elizondo isn’t one to mince words. He warned, much to my dissatisfaction, that the unclassified report may not contain all the details the public would want to know about the UFO phenomenon but he said it will be one step closer to getting the truth out to the American public. A truth, he said and I agree with, is absolutely necessary.

A truth that may possibly be a game changer for all mankind.

Elizondo noted that “there were three options on the table until recently, and those options were that it was some people had hypothesized – that this is some sort of secret US government technology, while others said it could be some sort of foreign adversarial technology.”

The “last option was that it was really truly something completely different, a totally different paradigm,” Elizondo added.

He said that based upon the the the discussions occurring on Capitol Hill, and “this this UAP report, 280 day report, that the first option of this being some sort of secret us technology has completely off the table.” This isn’t some sort of secret U.S. technology that has been speculated for the last 30 years, he said.

“You now have the Director of National Intelligence (former DNI John Ratcliffe) and the Secretary of Defense, informing Congress officially and formally, that this is not our (U.S.) technology,” noted Elizondo. “So that’s stunning. So that really only leaves two other options. And the first option is that it is, again, some sort of foreign technology. And and when you look at that, from a temporal perspective or time perspective, you begin to realize there’s really only a couple countries that really would even potentially come close to having the resources and talent to start to, to even try to look at a technology like this and let alone develop it.” He noted those nations are either China or Russia. In both cases it’s just not plausible because this technology has been actually documented by the military since prior to the 1950s.

He also noted that as for it being “foreign technology, we know for an absolute fact, in the 90s during the the fall, if you will of the Berlin Wall… and in “the spirit of cooperation with the Russians,” the Russian government shared a lot of their files with the United States regarding their contact and monitoring of unidentified vehicles in the skies.

Former top military generals from the former Soviet Union admitted that they have been monitoring “these UFOs and that they are far more capable than anything we have Initially, and the Russians were speculating if it was our technology.”

“So (the Russians) had the same concerns we did,” said Elizondo. “And then of course, if it’s not Russian, let’s let’s just take China, for example.” He told me on the podcast that “we know for an absolute fact, Sara, that we have been dealing with these issues, at least since since the 1950s.”

“And probably earlier, and what now pilots are describing as a white flying Tic Tac were described earlier as white flying butane tanks or white flying lozenges. Right? So we’re talking about the same type of vehicles with the same type of performance characteristics being seen all the way back to 1950,” he said. “Now, if you put that into context of let’s say, China developing this technology, well, here’s why that doesn’t make sense, because China has their own UAP Task Force they’ve established into using artificial intelligence, trying to figure it out.”

China is having the exact same issues that we’re having today with these UAP, he said. “Furthermore, they they spend a lot of time and effort every year Spitz stealing billions of dollars of our technology to count to have a competitive edge. And so they’ve already had this this beyond generation next generation technology already in their hands, they wouldn’t be need to be stealing any technology from us every year,” Elizondo added.

For now, the anticipation of Friday’s report is spreading throughout the Internet. Whether or not the government will admit that we aren’t alone in this vast universe remains to be seen but if you ask me, there’s enough evidence out there already to tell me that we aren’t alone.

What we don’t know is what or who is out there or if they mean us harm. It also is a valuable lesson as we fight among each other on this beautiful planet that we might not be our own worst enemy, there may be something out there and we need to be paying attention.

You can follow Sara A. Carter on Twitter @SaraCarterDC

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