Sen. Bernie Sanders says he wants to bring change from the “bottom on up.” Ironically, he has been part of Washington politics for 27 years since he was elected in January, 1991, when he first served at the US House of Representatives.

He served in the House for 16 years until 2007, when he ran for U.S. Senate.

“My activities here in Chicago taught me a very important lesson that I have never forgotten …real change never takes place from the top on down…It always takes place from the bottom on up,” said Sanders at a campaign rally in Chicago.

The 77 year old Senator has also been pushing a socialist agenda most of his political career and one that has gained strength since his bid for the presidency in 2016. Many analysts, even many long time Democrats, have criticized this new wave of socialism sweeping across the country.

Ironically, Sanders is what he admonishes: a Washington insider. Can voters really trust him to help bring change from “bottom on up”?