London Mayor Sadiq Khan revealed his welcome message to President Donald Trump ahead of his visit to the United Kingdom Monday. It wasn’t nice.

“President Trump, if you’re watching this, your values and what you stand for are the complete opposite of London’s values and the values in this country,” said Khan in a new video for Elle UK titled ‘Dear Trump…’

In the video, Khan criticized the current abortion debate and the state of gender equality in the U.S.

“We think diversity is not a weakness, diversity is a strength, we respect women and we think they are equal to men, we think it’s important to safeguard the rights of all of us, particularly the vulnerable and the marginalized,” he said.

Earlier on Monday, President Trump criticized the mayor for doing ‘a terrible job.’ Trump may have been referencing a recent report by GLA Conservatives that claims Khan’s tenure has been haunted by significant hikes in crime rates and unfulfilled promises.

He compared Khan to New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio saying “Khan reminds me very much or our very dumb and incompetent Mayor of NYC, de Blasio, who has also done a terrible job.”

The study points to the following numbers reported by the Metropolitan Police Service:

  • 52 percent increase in knife crime
  • 59 percent increase of robberies
  • 30 percent increase in gun crime

During his trip to the U.K., President Trump will spend time meeting with members of the royal family. Later, he will meet with Prime Minister Theresa May and will participate in D-Day Commemoration events marking its 75th anniversary.