LIVE: Georgia State House hearing on election irregularities

Operations center for the recount in DeKalb County, took place at the Sam’s Club store on Turner Hill Drive in Stonecrest. The counting started at 7 a.m. Saturday. (picture provided by volunteer observer)

Watch the Georgia State House election hearing live. Witnesses discuss the irregularities, as well as allegations of fraud that some witnesses observed during the November, 3, 2020 general election.

Thursday’s hearing follows two senate committees hearings held last week.

Marci McCarthy will be testifying from her observations as a GOP observer in the contested general elections. She spoke to Sara A. Carter on The Sara Carter Show last month about the alleged fraud and irregularities she observed during the general election.

McCarthy volunteered to observe the recount in Georgia’s DeKalb County, telling me it was her duty as an American and she wanted to ensure that the GOP was being thoroughly represented. According to Georgia election officials it took two days for DeKalb County workers to finish the recount. Roughly 300 people recounted more than 370,000 ballots over two 8-hour shifts Saturday and Sunday, and she said the situation left her feeling less secure about the election than before she walked in.