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Liberals Mock Family Featured on CNN Discussing Stresses of Rising Costs of Milk



CNN actually attempted a heartfelt piece focusing on the struggle American families are up against in the face of inflation and rising costs. Despite the network’s display of humanity, its liberal viewers quickly shut it down.

A segment on CNN’s “New Day” featured the Stotler family, a Texas couple who is taking care of nine children; two are theirs biologically, six were adopted, and one is a foster child. Mother Krista Stotler expressed the “squeeze” she has felt taking care of her family as prices of goods increase.

Texas mother Krista Stotler discusses the effects of rising grocery prices on CNN. (CNN screenshot)

Texas mother Krista Stotler discusses the effects of rising grocery prices on CNN. (CNN screenshot)

Stotler said she was having to pay an extra $100 per week on groceries. “A gallon of milk was $1.99. Now it’s $2.79. When you buy 12 gallons a week times four weeks, that’s a lot of money,” she said. Her husband Larry stated how guilty he felt that they were being forced to buy less healthy food to save money.

CNN viewers and liberal figures immediately mocked the family on social media. “12 gallons of milk a week may sound like a lot, but they’ve actually had to cut out their milk baths on alternate days,” snarked New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait.

Even The New York Times crossword puzzle account tweeted– and then deleted –, “sorry, I can’t do today’s crossword. I’m too busy carrying my 12 gallons of milk home.” James Surowiecki, blogger and writer for The New Yorker tweeted, “I’m not sure a family with 9 kids is really representative of the American middle class.” He’s absolutely right; the generosity of a couple adopting six children and fostering another in addition to two biological children is not “representative” of the average family.

“Other reporters and pundits dinged CNN for the segment, with some saying they couldn’t be right about milk being that cheap earlier this year and the family wasn’t indicative of a typical American household. It’s unclear what average grocery costs have been in the Stotler’s Dallas-area town” writes Fox News.

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  1. doug

    November 6, 2021 at 5:49 pm

    so when Marjorie Taylor green mocks survivors of a high school shooting the right think it is ok, or when the 5 on fox laughs at school shootings this is normal, or when the President of the United States of America(Trump) doesn’t even know the words to the national anthem no one says boo, but if the left makes a joke about milk you are all “how dare they”.

    • Bryan

      November 8, 2021 at 4:18 pm

      Poor Doug. Did someone piss in your cereal? What a whiny biotch.

    • Kaleb Patrick Lippert

      November 8, 2021 at 5:02 pm

      Not even close. No comparison, Libtard.

  2. Bbruce

    November 6, 2021 at 6:23 pm

    Buy a cow, and maybe even buy a farm, grow your own food like your grandparents did

  3. Kristie

    November 6, 2021 at 11:23 pm

    Its sad to see a certsin population of people who dont know howbto act around real people. Everything they say is sarcastic too bad they have a big black heart pumping spike protiens that have attacked whst lityle brain they have left. God knows what to do with you infadell dummycrats pathetic

  4. Dori

    November 7, 2021 at 11:40 pm

    Libs are vicious. They care about no one but themselves. Anyone that doesn’t praise their corrupt democrat politicians and their insane ideas are mocked, abused and canceled.

  5. Mirna

    November 7, 2021 at 11:52 pm

    It’s so sad seeing people like the liberals and the comunist hating this country. But don’t forget that Karma is a Btch and what’s going around Comes around.
    And everyone of you are going to Fall hard.

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CO leaders stating they won’t use any city money to support migrants or to alleviate the crisis in Denver



Screen Shot 2024 04 16 at 11.14.29 AM

In February 2018, Denver city leaders sent a valentine to foreigners interested in relocating to the progressive mountain city and a message to any elected officials looking to stop them:

Draped on Denver’s City and County building was a large, blue banner: “Denver ❤️ Immigrants.”

Then-mayor Michael Hancock event posted on social media that it was a statement of “love” to let immigrants know that Denver is “an open and welcoming city.” However, six years later, Denver residents are facing an uphill battle of repercussions from the liberal leaders’ actions. Amid a crisis that has seen more than 40,000 migrants arrive in the city since late 2022, Denver leaders have a new message: If you stay in Denver, you will suffer.

“The opportunities are over,” an official with new mayor Mike Johnston’s office told a gathering of migrants in Spanish inside a city shelter in late March, according to a video obtained by a local television station. “New York gives you more. Chicago gives you more.”

On Monday, Douglas County filed a lawsuit against the state of Colorado and its Democratic governor Jared Polis in Denver District Court over the issue.

The lawsuit is challenging the constitutionality of two state laws passed by Democrats in the Colorado legislature: a 2019 law that restricted the ability of local law enforcement to cooperate with federal immigration officials in civil cases, and a 2023 law that prohibits local governments from entering or renewing detention agreements with ICE and that prohibits them from funding immigration detention facilities owned or operated privately.

“The nation is facing an immigration crisis. The nation, the state, and local governments need to cooperate and share resources to address this crisis,” the lawsuit states, adding that the 2019 and 2023 laws in question “prohibit the necessary cooperation and create dangerous conditions for the State and migrants.”

Teal contends that “the state doesn’t have the inherent authority to limit the ability of a local jurisdiction to work with any agency, regardless be it local, state, or federal.” By doing so, he said, “the state is inhibiting the local communities, the local jurisdictions from providing for the safety” of their residents.

“We are seeing what is going on in Denver, and we do not want that coming here to Douglas County. It is not safe,” Douglas County commissioner Lora Thomas, a former state trooper, said during a Monday morning press conference announcing the lawsuit.

Douglas commissioner Abe Laydon said on Monday that the lawsuit “is about putting America first and about putting Coloradans first.” As a Latino, he said, he recognizes “the plight of those seeking refuge and asylum here in the United States,” but he added that “Douglas County is a place where quality of life comes first.”

National Review reports on the mile-high city’s crisis:

In January, the city was housing and feeding almost 5,000 migrants, mostly Venezuelans, in hotel shelters. Other migrants slept in tents on sidewalks and in parking lots, adding a new wrinkle to Denver’s ongoing struggles with panhandling and squalid homeless camps.

At intersections throughout Denver, migrants with water bottles and squeegees head into traffic to try to make a few bucks washing drivers’ windshields.

To address a migrant-driven financial crunch, the city is now cutting hours at local rec centers, slashing park programming, and freezing hiring in some departments. To save a little money, the city has decided against planting flowers in some of its parks and medians this spring.

The migrant crisis has cost the Denver region at least $170 million, according to a conservative estimate by Colorado’s Common Sense Institute, which looked at city spending as well as school and hospital costs, and is almost surely an undercount.

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