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Leftist Rules: Target Small Business Owners During COVID-19, Bail Out Anarchist Rioters



LA riots

It’s hard to imagine that our country would be facing something far more challenging than the loss of life, economic shutdown and social distancing rules implemented months ago due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Yet, we have.

However, the unimaginable and horrific death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer was a wake up call for the nation still struggling to find balance and unity. Floyd’s death and the protests that followed exposed the danger we face as a nation as our fragile democracy struggles against growing socialist, anarchist and progressive groups that seize on such tragedies to target political opponents and give rise to chaos.

Floyd’s killing ignited a fire across the nation that has given rise to violent protests and groups, such as Antifa that use the crisis to further destabilize the nation and destroy major urban centers.

More than a week ago, however, these same activists, liberals and Democrats publicly shamed anybody they believed weren’t following the guidelines to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Did the pandemic all the sudden disappear? No, it did not. But perception is everything. If the media’s focus is the rioting in the streets and if the liberal elites believe that the rioting, protests serve their political purpose then coronavirus is no longer the main problem.

In the previous weeks, liberal Democrats, liberal pundits and progressive activists were criticizing and shaming small business owners who wanted to reopen their businesses. Those that did and were arrested or who failed to comply with the state’s mandated guidelines for combating COVID-19 were shamed by those who disagreed in the media for doing so.

It wasn’t just the small business owners who were feeling the wrath of the liberal elite but everyday Americans who were made fun of and targeted after rallying against the overly restrictive coronavirus social distancing mandates. Those restrictions, coupled with the economic shutdown, have left nearly 40 million Americans applying for unemployment. But that didn’t matter to the progressive liberals, who challenged Americans that wanted to go back to work.

Those core American values were not acceptable to the liberal left during the pandemic, but rioting and looting over the last four days is not only acceptable but should be rewarded.

Remember, Shelly Luther who was fined $7,000 by state district Judge Eric Moyé for keeping her business Salon à la Mode open, despite receiving cease and desist letters from Dallas County. What about 72-year-old barber Winard Jenkins from West Virginia, who was allegedly defying the governor’s order to keep his business closed because it was considered non-essential. They were only two of numerous people who were paying the price for fighting against seemingly unconstitutional mandates.

So, what is happening now? Where have all those liberal elites and progressives gone? Why aren’t they socially shaming those rioters and protesters? Coronavirus is still a problem, isn’t it?

Remember, when the Democratic Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer, called those attending the rally Trump supporters saying the gatherings are “not appropriate in a global pandemic. But it’s certainly not an exercise of democratic principles where we have free speech. This is calls to violence. This is racist and misogynistic.”

Whitmer hasn’t made the same accusations against those rioting in the streets over the past week. Apparently, there are two sets of rules for those who are liberal and those who are conservative.

In the mainstream media, it is playing out the same. There has been little discussion of the apparent issues with social distancing to stop the coronavirus as the riots spread across the nation.

These riots, in some cases led by anarchists, aren’t being criticized but being supported openly by famous actors, social media influencers and liberal activists. Instead of calling for peace, they are bailing out those who have been arrested. Some of those protesters have gone far past peaceful protesting, setting fire to buildings, destroying businesses, attacking innocent bystanders and business owners, and of course, on top of all of that, violating social distancing rules as they gathered in the streets. Of course, on the latter issue I’m being facetious, but it was the liberal left that led the social shaming for those who didn’t believe that extreme social distancing measures were needed.

Cookbook author and former model Chrissy Teigan has pledged $200,000 to help bail out protesters, while Vogue magazine is pointing to funds for those that want to donate to help support the riots and protests.

On Monday, President Donald Trump slammed members of former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign team, which pledged money to bail out protesters, or in other words, rioters that have looted cities and destroyed businesses. Trump said in his tweet that ‘Sleepy Job Biden’s people are so Radical Left that they are working to get the anarchists out of jail.”

He is 100 percent right. Why? Because it’s these radical left, liberal progressives that want Biden for president. There is no doubt that these tragic and unfortunate protests play right into their hands.

“Joe doesn’t know anything about it, he is clueless, but they will be the real power, not Joe,” said Trump. “They will be calling the shots! Big tax increases for all, Plus!”

Or what about CNN, which touted a local Florida man for dressing up as the grim reaper telling sunbathers they were going to die for coming out in public.

In fact, the Washington Post had an article against Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, who loosened the restrictions in his state, saying he was “standing astride the alligator cage, hollering at the rest of the country to check out what’s about to happen.”

If anything, the double standard between the treatment received by conservatives versus liberal has never been more defined in modern political times.

Democrats are no longer the Democratic Party of our past but have evolved into something far more dangerous. The progressive left is constantly challenging the very roots our nation was founded on and it has only become worse in recent years.

For many Americans, who are now struggling to put food on the table, the magnitude of the coronavirus has left many abandoned and wondering if they will still have work.

There should be no disputing that the nation will hold the police officer, along with the others involved, that killed Floyd accountable for his death. This absolutely must be done.

However, I doubt the liberal pundits, Antifa activists and progressive Democrats will let that be enough. Instead of allowing protests to be peaceful, they will continue to agitate the masses, target real American values and push for violence across the country.

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Rupert Murdoch Steps Down as Chairman of Fox Corporation and News Corp



GettyImages 813860532 scaled

Rupert Murdoch, the 92-year-old media tycoon, announced his decision to step down from his roles as Chairman of Fox Corporation and Executive Chairman of News Corp on Thursday. The transition is set to take effect in November, with his son, Lachlan Murdoch, assuming the position of sole chairman for both media conglomerates.

According to reports from Fox News, Murdoch addressed his colleagues in a letter, where he explained that his decision was prompted by a desire to embrace new roles while recognizing the capable leadership of his son, Lachlan. He stated, “For my entire professional life, I have been engaged daily with news and ideas, and that will not change. But the time is right for me to take on different roles, knowing that we have truly talented teams and a passionate, principled leader in Lachlan who will become sole Chairman of both companies.”

Despite the transition, Rupert Murdoch made it clear that he would remain actively involved in the “contest of ideas,” highlighting the intensifying battle over freedom of speech and freedom of thought. He criticized elites and the media for prioritizing narratives over the pursuit of truth.

“In my new role, I can guarantee you that I will be involved every day in the contest of ideas,” he wrote.

Lachlan Murdoch issued a statement, congratulating his father for his remarkable 70-year career and acknowledging his enduring impact on the companies he founded. He expressed gratitude for Rupert Murdoch’s vision, pioneering spirit, and steadfast determination, assuring that he would continue to provide valuable counsel in his role as Chairman Emeritus.

Rupert Murdoch’s media empire includes FOX News Channel, which has been a dominant force in 24-hour news coverage since its launch in 1996. Under his leadership, it became one of the world’s most influential news sources. Additionally, Murdoch served as the CEO of 21st Century Fox from 1979 until 2015 and as its Chairman from 1991 to 2015.

Murdoch’s career began in 1954 when he assumed control of News Limited, a public corporation in Australia previously led by his father. He expanded his media holdings internationally, acquiring major UK publications like News of the World and The Sun in 1969, as well as U.S. newspapers including the New York Post and The Village Voice.

His impact extended to television with the launch of the FOX Broadcasting company in 1986 and the subsequent establishment of FOX Sports. In 2019, Fox Corporation emerged as a standalone, publicly traded entity following the separation of 21st Century Fox, redefining the U.S. media landscape.

Rupert Murdoch’s contributions to the media industry have earned him numerous accolades, including the Companion of the Order of Australia (A.C.) and induction into the Television Academy Hall of Fame. Alongside his family, he has supported various charitable organizations across the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Asia, and Israel.

The transition of leadership marks a significant moment in the media world, as Rupert Murdoch’s enduring legacy continues to influence the future of media and journalism.

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