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Leaked Video: Frustrated Border Patrol agents push back against Biden policies



Audio was leaked last week of the Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas was pummeled with questions from border patrol agents when he visited Yuma, Arizona. “Agents vented about what they conveyed to be a lack of effective actions to help them handle an influx of illegal immigrants at the border” reports the Washington Examiner.

In the heated exchange, Mayorkas said he knows the Biden administration’s policies “are not particularly popular with U.S. Customs and Border Protection” but that it was “the reality.”

Only two days after the audio was leaked, another leaked video surfaced of Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz in Laredo, Texas. Tensions were high as agents accused the Biden administration leaders of hampering their ability to do their jobs and keep people safe.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“We don’t give up. We stay focused. We continue to do the job and the mission we all signed up for. We all raised our hand,” Ortiz said.

Among the group of agents in attendance, people could be heard getting restless, saying, “It’s kind of hard to say that,” with another retorting “to defend the Constitution.”

“It’s not hard to say that,” Ortiz fired back, raising his voice.

“It may be hard for you to say it, but I’ve been doing this for 31 years. It’s not hard for me to say it. Every day, I wake up, and I’m committed to this organization, and I’m committed to each one of y’all,” he continued, talking over someone in the crowd.

The crowd shot back with claims that the policies don’t match the rhetoric. One appeared to complain about the release of criminals into the country.

“You’re getting bogged down in the policies and the politics,” an increasingly frustrated Ortiz said.

One person claimed they can’t even say “illegal aliens,” to which Ortiz spat back that he “just said it. See? Is anything going to happen to you?”

“Why are you so caught up in the semantics, right? There’s a mission out there to be had guys,” Ortiz continued. “We can sit here and argue until we’re blue in the face. I’ve been doing this job as long as y’all.”

“That’s a problem,” one of the crowd said.

“For evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. That’s exactly what’s happening here,” the person added. “Good men are doing nothing. You’re allowing illegal aliens to be dropped off in our communities.”

Ortiz insisted that the agents are still doing good work every day by making arrests and getting rid of drugs such as fentanyl and methamphetamine. One of the crowd rebuffed Ortiz, saying “under this administration” over the past year, there was the “highest [number of] fentanyl deaths in the history of our country.”

A final heated moment in the nearly four-minute video, in which someone lamented a “lack of results,” was quickly defused when another shouted a question that led to a wave of laughter and applause in the room.


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  1. Dasmi

    January 31, 2022 at 10:44 am

    The Biden administration is aiding and abetting breaking of the law and flying these lawbreakers all over the country in secret and denying such thing is being done. Uh, let’s see. 2 million undocumented have been admitted without being vaccinated, so, they have infected 100 million Americans. This covid hoax is suiting their bigger plans to keep Americans hostage.

  2. MO

    January 31, 2022 at 4:57 pm

    They (The dumocrats) think we won’t do anything if they all act like assholes. I have news for the politicians in Washington. They are pushing and we will not allow much more before WE the PEOPLE will remove them from OUR Whitehouse using forceif need be. I don’t think these sissy ass democrats will give any one a fight, to whipped for that.

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Mexican railway forced to suspend trains after numerous deaths from migrants jumping on board



Screen Shot 2023 09 20 at 6.24.06 PM

A railway was forced to temporarily suspend train runs in northern Mexico due to the dangers and injuries occurring from numerous migrants attempting to climb aboard its freight cars.

The Mexican railway Ferromex said it had to halt 60 trains carrying cargo that would fill a whopping 1,800 tractor trailers due to the at least “half-dozen regrettable cases of injuries or deaths” of migrants jumping on the freight cars, the company said in a statement. Many migrants even hopped on moving freight cars “despite the grave danger that represents.”

International trade will be affected by the halt, and the impact of the train stoppage will be “very important,” said Ana Bertha Gutiérrez, the international trade coordinator for the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness.

The Associated Press reports:

The company said there were about 1,500 people gathered at a rail yard in the city of Torreon, in the northern border state of Coahuila. The company also reported about 800 migrants waiting at the freight yards in Irapuato, in the north-central state of Guanajuato.

About 1,000 people were reported to be riding freight cars on the train line that connects the city of Chihuahua and the northern border city of Ciudad Juarez.

Gutiérrez noted the impact could be felt in industrial states like Nuevo Leon, Baja California and Chihuahua, given their links to the U.S. market.

Migrants have long used the trains, known collectively as “The Beast,” to hitch rides from as far south as Oaxaca state to the U.S. border. About a decade ago, the Mexican government briefly staged raids on the trains to discourage the practice, but later largely abandoned the effort, the Associated Press added.

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