U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agents fire tear gas in San Diego.

The violence at the San Diego border on New Year’s Eve is just the beginning, say border enforcement officials, who fear that drug cartels will continue to use illegal migrants to rush the border in an effort to tie up law enforcement resources in one area so they can move illegal contraband through unmonitored sectors. Moreover, the failure of the Ninth Circuit to restrain illegal entry to the Ports of Entry has exacerbated the problem and provided the drug cartels ‘cart blanche’ access to the border, law enforcement officials said.

U.S. Custom’s and Border Protection (CBP) agents responded on New Year’s Eve to approximately 100 illegal immigrants attempting to rush the border from Tijuana into the U.S. It was the second time the caravan, mainly from Central America, has attempted to overrun the border since its arrival in Tijuana last year.

On New Year’s the Border Patrol agents arrived at roughly 2 a.m. The agents were met with a barrage of rocks from those attempting to illegally enter from Mexico, according to news reports from San Diego. Women and children were also in the crowd of illegal migrants and BP agents were concerned that they would be injured if the violence escalated, they said. A CBP helicopter helped disperse people in the crowd. San Diego local news agencies reported Border Patrol agents deployed “less lethal chemical munitions (to include CS gas and inert smoke) in response to the assault.” However, some of the women and children were pushed over the main wall and into the concertina wire, the reports stated.

A CBP helicopter responded to the crisis and assisted in dispersing the crowd of people that attempted to jump the fence. According to the reports agents watched as the people throwing rocks appeared “to have prepared themselves for the assault by applying lotion to their faces to counter the effects of chemical munitions.”

Drug Cartels Now Have “Cart Blanche”

Democrats see what’s going on, they want this issue so they can say Trump isn’t fixing the border. They are putting their hatred of Trump ahead of public safety and national security, Tom Homan

Along U.S. southern border with Mexico it isn’t difficult to find the routes the drug cartel’s use to move their contraband but it is sometimes difficult to find U.S. law enforcement officials, say law enforcement officials.

Both Border Patrol agents and Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement officers have been stretched thin and that’s what the “drug cartels count on,” said Tom Homan, retired acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Tom Homan, who is now a Fox News Contributor.


The situation is going to get far worse since the drug cartels continue to have ‘cart blanche’ of the southern border transit routes into the U.S. and use the illegal waves of migrants to ensure U.S. resources are tied up, said Homan.

Intelligence analysis regarding drug cartel operations along the border reveals they work closely with the criminal smuggling organizations in an effort to deter U.S. law enforcement from adequately monitoring the border, Homan said.

“These smuggling organizations have to pay a taxes to the drug cartels in order to utilize the areas of the border they are trying to smuggle people through but they also work with them to direct large flows of so-called family units through particular areas so other areas along their smuggling routes are left wide open without adequate law enforcement,” Homan said. “They’ll push family units through the borders to tie up our resources.”

The decision in November by a Ninth Circuit judge to issue a temporary restraining order blocking President Trump from passing a law that would bar migrants from asylum who don’t use the Port of Entry sets a dangerous precedent, said Homan.

The decision isn’t just harmful to American security but “the Ninth Circuit and the ACLU…have now put migrant women and children at greater risk to the drug cartels and trafficking organizations.”

As for Democrats, the failure to secure the border “lies solely with them,” said Homan.

“It’s not going away, it’s going to get worse,” he said. “Democrats see what’s going on, they want this issue so they can say Trump isn’t fixing the border. They are putting their hatred of Trump ahead of public safety and national security. If we fix the border it’s not just a win for Trump but it’s a win for America.”

Border Wall Fight Continues

President Trump said Wednesday at a cabinet meeting that the government shutdown will continue “because Democrats refuse to fund border security. The wheel, the wall, some things never get old.”

Trump said the U.S.-Mexico border is “like a sieve”and accused Democrats of using the situation to harm his future 2020 campaign.

Politicians have made the border a political issue, instead of finding solutions for a decades long problem, said a Border Patrol official, working in Arizona.

“It’s been a concern since the crisis with the caravan started but it’s also a tactic that the drug cartels can use against us,” said a U.S. Border Patrol agent, who was not authorized to speak to the media.

“They have the caravan rush our POEs, put our agents life in danger and civilians then move their supplies across another border because we’re short of manpower,” he said. “It’s a cycle that never ends.”

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