Lacy Johnson: Ilhan Omar is More Concerned With ‘Being An Anti-Trump Celebrity Than Serving Her District’

Lacy Johnson, the Republican running against Rep. Ilhan Omar to represent the fifth district of Minnesota, told “The Sara Carter Show” Tuesday that Omar is more focused on hating President Trump, than supporting her constituents. Johnson wants to shift the focus to restoring conservative capitalism to the district.

“I just don’t like a lot of her positions, her support of the socialist, globalist agenda, which are contrary to the fundamental principles of our country.” Johnson said, “I think she’s self-promoting and more concerned about national politics and being an anti-Trump celebrity than serving the people of this district and she has little interest in improving the lives of the poor people in this district that I care about.”

Early in his life, Johnson learned the value of hard work, which lifted him out of poverty. He’s now a successful businessman and family man. Moreover, Johnson is less concerned with the anti-Trump agenda in Washington and more concerned about the rampant poverty in his district, and he’s proposing policies to support that.

A “Non-Politician” and “Problem-Solver”

Johnson labels himself a “non-politician.” He got his start in the technology industry, where he built computer systems for the U.S. military. Johnson has lived in North Minneapolis for 40 years with his two sons, Darien and Adrian. On his own volition, Johson found success and he wants to share what he’s learned with the people of MN-05 by entering politics.

“I got into politics originally because I see a lot of problems going unsolved. I mean decades old problems going unsolved and you have to realize I live in one of the poorest zip codes in the state of Minnesota, if not the poorest zip code,” said Johnson.

A Competitive-Capitalist Approach

The community’s rampant poverty, crime, drug addiction, and violence only empowered Johnson to stay in the district so he could better it. Johnson said the greatest problems plaguing MN-05 are rooted in the breakup of the family structure, and failed economic and education policies.

“I got tired of hearing the Democrats and liberals blame society, racism and all that to get ahead, and keep in mind I was born and raised in a poor, black environment, and so I have a pretty good idea of one thing that works,” Johnson explained.

From his personal experience, Johnson said he wants to empower others to escape poverty. Moreover he attributes his success, along with the success of many of his peers, to their college educations, jobs, families, and homes. Johnson wants the same for his MN-05.

“The Democrats do not look at our community as having the human capital, the intelligence, the hard work ethic, and things like that to take a free-enterprise-based competitive, capitalist approach, which I think is the ultimate solution. In fact, I’m pretty safe in saying I don’t think any of these other non-profit government programs will ever work.”

“This isn’t going to be easy.., and it’s not gonna always be fair”

Johnson warned that his conservative-Republican approach isn’t going to always be easy or fair. Instead of teaching people they are victims that need to depend on the government, Johnson wants to instill self-determination in his constituents. “I believe in the message that this isn’t gonna be easy…and it’s not gonna always be fair,” Johnson said.

It’s not going to be easy to beat Omar, who raised $1.1 million in third quarter donations following President Trump’s rally in her home state last week.