Kevin McCarthy: This is a calculated coup orchestrated by Adam Schiff

“This is a calculated coup, that is being orchestrated by Rep. Adam Schiff” said Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader on Fox News.

“We are here watching him orchestrate a taking down of a President, after we just celebrated the 30 years of taking down of Berlin wall,” said McCarthy.

“To come up with the [GOP] list of witnesses, we sat with Devin [Nunes] at Intel Committee, we sat with Oversight and Foreign Affairs and we looked at all that has transpired. And if you remember, Adam Schiff started this off by wanting the whistleblower to testify, and now Adam Schiff gets to decide who comes forward, and now he is fighting the whistleblower for coming forward,” continued McCarthy.

“Why is Schiff doing that? Is it because we found out that he [Schiff] met with, and his staff met with him?” said McCarthy questioning the reason for Adam Schiff to block the whistleblower from testifying in from of the Impeachment inquiry committee.