Last week during Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing, Senator Kamala Harris completely made up stories in order to create television drama and disparage the nominee.  Her outright lies began on September 7th, when Harris’s office put out a series of tweets.

Kamala Harris claims Judge Kavanaugh is “going after birth control,” which is a complete fabrication.  Her tweets are specifically designed to mislead voters on Kavanaugh’s character by specifically taking his words out of context, in order to drive her narrative.  When Kavanaugh said those words, he was referring to a case in which the plaintiff held that philosophy and was not Kavanaugh’s thoughts on contraception.

Even worse, last week Harris had an ambiguous exchange with Kavanugh during his confirmation hearing where she asked if he  “had any conversation about special counsel Robert Mueller or his investigation with anyone employed by the law firm founded by President Trump’s personal attorney.”  Kavanaugh seemed very confused by the question and couldn’t recall ever meeting with anyone from that law firm or discussing the Mueller probe.  Watch the line of questioning

Harris insisted that she had evidence of a conversation he had with the law firm.  It turns out that she had no evidence but still claimed a major ethical breach took place by a sitting appellate court judge.  She declined to provide any justification of this wild accusation against the judge because she made the whole story up.  It never happened.  Again, Harris decided to make an unfounded accusation of breach of ethics just to push her narrative.  This time people have taken notice, which is why she earns the title of the most dishonest senator.


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