Judicial Watch: State Department Was Involved in Targeting Trump

Judicial Watch obtained new emails exposing former British spy Christopher Steele and his contacts at State Department and the Justice Department.

The government watchdog group’s president, Tom Fitton, explained to Fox New’s Sean Hannity that Steele’s relationship with the State Department goes back a number of years. One of the documents shows he was working closely with State Department officials as far back as 2014.

Steele was well positioned to launder the Russia dossier information through Jonathan Winer, who he first met in 2009. Winer admitted that he moved some of the information over to the Justice Department.

So Steele has this relationship with the Obama’s State Department, which is long standing and then is able to use those contacts during the 2016 presidential race. In effect, he uses his contacts to launder the information into the Justice Department, FBI and lets not forget, the media.