John Brennan: Syria Drawback Shows President Trump’s ‘Ignorance’

Former CIA Director turned MSNBC contributor John Brennan agreed with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s assertion that “all roads seem to lead to Putin with the President.” On MSNBC Wednesday, Brennan went a step further telling reporter Lawrence O’Donnell it shows President Trump’s “ignorance.” Pelosi’s statement to reporters Tuesday comes as The President draws back U.S. troops in northern Syria, where the U.S. battled Islamic State terrorists alongside our Kurdish allies. He’s leaving the job now to Turkey and its allies in the region.


Trump Calls Speaker Pelosi ‘A Third-Rate Politician’

“It’s clear that President Trump’s ignorance of U.S. national security interests as well as global affairs is just handing over to Vladimir Putin the opportunities to increase Russia’s influence and ability to shape our world events as the U.S. recedes from its traditional responsibilities and obligations particularly to our allies,” Brennan said.

Brennan aired earlier criticism on Twitter Wednesday taking down not only President Trump, but also Republican lawmakers. “Mitch, Lindsey, Marco & other Rs: You own Donald Trump’s disastrous decision to abandon the Kurds & America’s global responsibilities. By putting your crass politics above country, you have encouraged his incompetence, corruption and evil ways. Find your souls,” Brennan wrote.