John Brennan called out for ‘bashing Jews’ in tweet about Israel

After former CIA director John Brennan published a recent opinion editorial, he tweeted to promote it but instead is facing backlash for his seemingly antisemitic comments. In his attempt to be “pro-Palestine,” others accuse him of ”bashing Jews.’

In his New York Times opinion piece, Brennan recommends a Palestinian movie to President Biden, in hopes that it would encourage the administration to recognize Palestine’s statehood. Previously, Brennan visited the Palestinian territories and Israel as a student at American University’s Cairo campus. Still, that experience did not help him know how to sensitively broach this topic.

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Many took issue with Brennan suggesting that Jewish people should have learned from their past. By tweeting that Jewish people “would not be the empathetic champions,” some interpreted that to mean that the Holocaust, or Shoah, victims and their descendants did not rise to “moral scrutiny.”

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Then, the non-profit organization Stop Antisemitism called out Brennan for “bashing Jews.”

Finally, most agreed that being for Palestine’s statehood and supporting Jewish people are not mutually exclusive. But the former CIA director made a complex situation appear as though it had a simple solution: Israel is the party at fault.

Brennan was the CIA director from 2013-2017. He has yet to respond to the blacklash. But he has woken up to a hailstorm.

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