Joe Scarborough doesn’t believe IG report on Lafayette Park police clashes, still blames Trump

Joe Scarborough addressed the report on the police clash with protestors at Lafayette on Morning Joe Thursday. Scarborough called the Interior Department Inspector General’s conclusion “a report that doesn’t cover the entire event.”

“You talk about a lack of perspective in the panting and the over-reporting here from Trump apologists,” Scarborough said of the report. “It’s laughable on its face. You just need to read the report and read what the IG says and what the IG does not say.”

The MSNBC anchor still held on to previous reports that the police were really clearing the way for then President Trump’s photo op. “There’s a reason they were cleared with the urgency that they were cleared with,” Scarborough said. “They could have actually scheduled repairs on scaffolding at the same time, before knowing, of course, that Donald Trump, who was humiliated after news broke that he scrambled down to the bunker.”

In the end, he attempted to debunk the report entirely, mocking those that take it for fact. “If it makes you feel better seizing on to a report that doesn’t cover the entire event and completely ignoring what [Bill Barr] said, you go with that. But that’s awfully thin gruel, if that’s what you’re relying on, awfully thin gruel. Good luck with that,” Scarborough finished.

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