Joe Biden: What Voters Need To Know About His Plan For The Country

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s popularity is dropping in the latest polls ahead of the first 2020 primary in New Hampshire. Biden received the support of 17 percent of Democratic voters, according to Monday’s Quinnipiac University poll. Biden was once the frontrunner.

“Biden scrambles to bounce back in frigid New Hampshire after an icy slide to 17 percent, his lowest national number,” said Quinnipiac University Poll Analyst Tim Malloy.

“Is the Bloomberg camp prepping the white horse for him to ride to the rescue? Maybe not yet, but without setting foot in Iowa or New Hampshire, he is suddenly a looming shadow over the primary field,” Malloy added.

Although Biden’s campaign is losing it’s grip in the polls, he’s still in the race championing his “Vision for America.”


Biden seeks to reverse the Trump administration’s ‘misguided’ immigration policies including family separation at the border, reforming the asylum process, and creating an efficient and smooth transition to American life for migrants awaiting immigration hearings. According to Biden’s campaign website, he hopes to accomplish the following:

  • Take urgent action to undo Trump’s damage and reclaim America’s values
  • Modernize America’s immigration system
  • Welcome immigrants in our communities
  • Reassert America’s commitment to asylum-seekers and refugees 
  • Tackle the root causes of irregular migration 
  • Implement effective border screening 
Health Care

Biden will champion the Affordable Care Act “by giving Americans more choice, reducing health care costs, and making our health care system less complex to navigate.”

Under the plan, Americans can choose Medicare over private health insurance and some Americans will have premium-free access to public health insurance.

The plan also seeks to lower the rising costs of prescription drugs by creating competition in the drug market. That allows Americans to purchase medication from overseas markets.


Biden wants to rebuild the middle-class. In doing so, he will crack down on tax relief for the wealthy.

“This country wasn’t built by Wall Street bankers and CEOs and hedge fund managers. It was built by the American middle class,” Biden said on his campaign site.


The plan to tackle climate change will cost a whopping $1.7 trillion to achieve a 100 percent “clean energy economy” by 2050. That means net zero emissions and zero carbon technologies.

Biden will rejoin the Paris Climate Accord.

The country’s innovative technologies created to reduce emissions will be exported to other countries seeking to follow suit. Biden promises that the clean economy will create 10 million jobs.