Joe Biden Tells Detroit Auto Worker ‘You’re Full Of Sh**’ In Heated Argument Over Gun Rights

2020 presidential hopeful former Vice President Joe Biden appeared in a heated argument with an auto worker over guns while visiting a Detroit manufacturing plant in a video that circulated Twitter Tuesday. Further, the exchange got so heated Biden told the worker “You’re full of Sh**.” You can see the exchange here:

The industry is elemental to the state, who will hold a key primary election Tuesday. The Obama administration bailed out the tanking automobile manufacturers in Detroit in 2009 to the tune of billions of taxpayer dollars. During a Biden rally Monday evening, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan applauded the move saying, “In 2009, when GM and Chrysler were on the verge of bankruptcy, it was Barack Obama and Joe Biden who believed in us.”

Biden continues to lead his fellow Democratic candidates with 670 delegates ahead of Tuesday’s primaries and caucuses. The states to hold primaries Tuesday include Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, and Washington. Additionally, North Dakota will hold its Democratic caucuses Tuesday. Michigan is a key win for candidates offering the highest number of delegates, 125.