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Joe Biden promises to lead America to “trunalimunumaprzure” Is this where we want to go?



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Former Vice President Joe Biden promised that he would lead America to “trunalimunumaprzure” during his last campaign pit stops in the final days of the 2020 presidential election.

I have to ask, is this where we want to go?

I’m serious, as much as I’m laughing at the strange new word Biden uttered during his campaign speech.

Just listen to what he said below before he trailed off into silence and then imagine a Kamala Harris leftist administration.

I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize trunalimunumaprzure,

Joe Biden

“I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize trunalimunumaprzure,” said Biden.

It’s actually very concerning because it isn’t a one time thing. It’s just another one of a litany of gaffes, confusing phrases and blank stares we’ve witnessed over the past year.

The Democrats – along with those pretend double agent Republicans with the Lincoln Party – want to gaslight America and threaten that they’ll call us conspiracy theorists if we say anything about the former Vice President.

I say, who cares what the Democrats and these never- Trump haters say or what they threaten. We can see the gaffes and problems for ourselves and we have enough common sense to know when something is wrong.

That is, unless Biden can explain what “trunalimunumaprzure” strategy actually is and then put it into action.

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Biden’s Poor Polling and Harris’ Low Electability Rating Could Have Democrats Considering ‘Nuclear Option’

Behind-the-scenes discussion of how Democrats could arrive at a third option for the next election is underway



Biden Kamala
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

With polls consistently showing a poor approval rating for President Joe Biden at below 40 percent, and a recent poll put Kamala Harris’ electability at only 28 percent, Democrats are in full panic mode.

Behind-the-scenes discussion of how Democrats could arrive at a third option for the next election is underway. Operatives are preparing for the possibility of a contested presidential primary in which other would-be nominees take on Ms. Harris, but that could be damaging for the party” reports the Telegraph.

Therefore, Democrats are allegedly whispering about a potential “nuclear option” that would call for current Vice President Harris to be nominated to the Supreme Court. The Telegraph writes that “while the scenario is highly improbable, and perhaps a reflection of a Washington rumor mill in overdrive, the fact it has come up at all shows the depths of the predicament the Biden administration currently finds itself in, amid rising inflation, a stalled domestic agenda, and foreign policy disasters.”

The theory in question would call for President Biden to nominate Harris to the Supreme Court in the event a seat opens in the next three years during his administration. Biden could then use “Section 2 of the 25thAmendment to nominate a more popular vice president”, adds the Telegraph.

Under Section 1 of the 25th Amendment, that new vice president could assume the presidency if Biden were to step down while president. They would then become the Democratic nominee in the 2024 presidential election. That same individual could also be the presumptive Democratic nominee in 2024 if Biden chooses not to run for re-election.

One piece of information that is wetting Democrats’ whistle is that current Supreme Court Justice Breyer has said he does not “want to stay on the Supreme Court until I die.”

The Telegraph notes that “the discussion over potential successors to Mr. Biden is highly unusual less than a year into an administration.”

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