Jim Jordan: ‘When Hunter Biden’s company is under investigation in Ukraine…Daddy comes to the rescue’

“You know why they put it in the classified server? There was a study… done by the Senate in 2017. [There were] more leaks in the first five months, state security leaks in the first five months of the Trump administration than any other administration,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) told Jake Tapper, on “State of the Union” Sunday.

“They should be putting everything in there, with folks around you who are leaking information… If I’m the Trump administration, I’d be putting every communication in this [server].”

Tapper pushed back and accused Jordan of trying to stifle the facts, while Jordan said the whistleblower didn’t even have first-hand knowledge of the events in question.

“Who are you going to believe? The guy who had firsthand knowledge and who was on the call, President Zelensky… or the guy who didn’t have first-hand knowledge and had a motive against the president?” Jordan asked.

Jim Jordan also defended Trump’s request for Ukraine officials to investigate 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden and his son Hunter, claiming nepotism and corruption drove their business dealings with the foreign nation.

“[Hunter Biden] got paid $50,000, Jake,” Jordan said. “$50,000 a month for several years… [he] gets hired by a company in an industry he has no experience in, and oh, that’s fine and all you folks in the press and Democrats, ‘oh, no problem here.’ Try taking that message to the American people… When they see the vice president’s son getting paid $50,000 a month in a field and an industry he has no experience in — I wonder what Hunter Biden did in those board meetings?”

“And then when the company that’s paying him that money is under investigation, guess what? Daddy comes running to the rescue,” he added.