Jim Jordan on Michael Flynn investigation: ‘FBI Was Out to Get the President…Including Going After a Three-Star General’

Congressman Jim Jordan and former Congressman Trey Gowdy joined Maria Bartiromo on Fox News to discuss a dump of documents revealing exculpatory evidence in the Michael Flynn case.

“What struck you?” host Maria Bartiromo asked Trey Gowdy, about “these notes written about that interview with General Flynn?”

“That there was absolutely no evidence that Michael Flynn was an agent of a foreign power the entire time they spent looking at him,” responded Gowdy.

“In December of 2016, they had nothing,” continued Gowdy. “So they’re about to close the investigation without even interviewing him. Keep in mind, they had no interest in interviewing Michael Flynn. They’re about to close the case. Then you get the call with Kislyak.”

Gowdy pointed out that FBI’s lead investigator, Peter Strzok “seemed more interested in setting up an American general than he is figuring out what the Russian generals were doing to this country. They send two agents over there without informing the White House, without informing the Department of Justice, and they wanted to set him up. That is not the FBI that this country needs.”

Bartiromo also asked Jim Jordan about his reaction to “these notes from Mr. Priestap.”

“Think about what happened in three weeks in January of 2017,” responded Jordan. “On January 3, Sen. Chuck Schumer on “The Rachel Maddow Show” says this, in response to a statement that president-elect Trump had said where he said, we were being spied on.”

Jordan quoted Sen. Chuck Schumer saying: “If you mess with the intel community, they have six ways at getting back at you.”

“The very next day, January 4, Peter Strzok overrules the agents who say, Mike Flynn did nothing wrong, overrules them because Comey and McCabe told him so. January 6, the FBI and other people in the intel community in the Obama administration go to Trump Tower and try to set up the president,” continued Jordan.

“Remember, this is where Jim Comey says after the meeting is done, I want to talk to the president. He tells the president about the dossier, the dossier they already knew was false, they knew was Russian disinformation, and they knew was paid for by the Clinton campaign. And then, just two weeks after that, we have the FBI going to the White House to set up Michael Flynn. All that happens in three weeks’ time. This shows you they were out to get the president, and they were willing to do whatever it took to get him, including going after a three-star general who had served our country for three decades.”