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Jim Jordan accuses FBI of targeting ‘domestic civil society organizations’ for being conservative



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By Jenny Goldsberry

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) wants to probe the Federal Bureau of Investigation for “targeting” a conservative think tank without “credible allegation of a crime.” The Concerned Women for America came under attack by the FBI in 2016. Then, the FBI performed a Charity Assessment. Jordan is says the assessment was unwarranted in the first place.

According to their website, “Concerned Women for America protects and promotes Biblical values and Constitutional principles through prayer, education, and advocacy.” The group is notably pro-life, pro-Israel and against critical race theory.

First, “third-party charity rating services deemed the charity to be ‘underperform[ing],'” according to the Ohio lawmaker. As a result, in July 2016 the FBI opened an investigation on CWA. In July of this year, a heavily redacted document detailing the investigation was released. Then, Jordan penned a letter Wednesday to FBI Director Christopher Wray.

“This document raises serious questions about the FBI’s targeting of domestic civil society organizations on the basis of a third-party opinion, and not any credible allegation of a crime,” Jordan wrote. While the original investigation took place under then Director James Comey, Jordan worries that it’s dated evidence of a greater precedent at the bureau.

Now, Jordan is conducting oversight over the FBI’s Charity Assessments. As ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee he is demanding they hand over all of their unredacted assessments, including CWA’s.

In response, the organization thanked Jordan in a tweet. “Thank you, [Rep. Jordan] for your efforts on this,” it read. “Freedom and liberty are severely burdened when Americans cannot trust their government officials and institutions. We are grateful for your oversight and look forward to finally getting some answers.”

You can follow Jenny Goldsberry on Twitter @jennyjournalism.

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Middle East

Facebook, Instagram Employees ‘Censor or Delete’ Protests against Iran



Iran President Rouhani

Former and current Facebook and Instagram employees are shedding light onto the “fact checkers” that are censoring vital content such as protests against Iran. “According to a report by BBC Persian, these employees admitted that at all levels of the company, the Iran regime’s influence has infiltrated, leaving biased and pro-regime content monitors to restrict, censor or delete posts about the current protests in Iran” reports The Foreign Desk.

Similar to censorship at the companies in the United States and elsewhere, the behavior is its own political movement. “The actions by these Iranian employees to remove images of the demonstrations in Iran and associated hashtags helps reinforce the Islamic Republic’s argument that the protests are not so widespread.”

According to one of the former employees who had his identity hidden for security purposes, told the BBC Persian in an interview from Germany, that the workers travel back and forth between Europe and Iran. “About 90 percent” of the decision making on censorship is done by these “fact checkers.”

“These are individuals who single-handedly take posts down. According to the source, employees are not allowed to have their personal cellular devices with them at their workstations, so these individuals go to the break room to report a post from their personal phones and then come back to their workstations and address the ‘complaint’ they just created.”


The Foreign Desk adds:

In 2019 TELUS International became the third-party company contracted with Instagram and Facebook to become their fact checkers and address complaints from users reporting posts for violent, hateful, or threatening material. 

A second source, a former TELUS employee, said approximately 400-500 Iranians work at the company in Germany, a country that is known to have diplomatic and bilateral relations with the Islamic Republic. 

The Islamic Republic has learned from the Green Revolution of 2009 to infiltrate Western social media outlets and their parent companies to control the narrative and prevent the international community from siding with anti-regime demonstrators.

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