Jenna Ellis: Americans Have Had Enough

Initially, basically everyone was willing to participate willingly in the stay at home recommendations and temporary closures of churches and businesses when we were first learning about the novel coronavirus. We understood the need to flatten the curve. We want to minimize the outbreak and control the pandemic.

But now that state governments continue to extend and extend arbitrary and nonsensical regulations far beyond what our economy and our personal lives can handle, Americans are not willing to participate any more.

As a constitutional law attorney and recognizing the inherent tension between government powers and personal freedoms, I was initially willing to give wide latitude to state and local leaders. But the longer these tyrants keep the American economy struggling for breath on a ventilator without any rational or legal justification and actively seek to punish citizens simply for questioning this overreach, I have also had enough.

It is time that we the people remove our consent. We are now being governed in such a manner so blatantly violating of the Constitution’s sole mandate — preserving our rights and our freedoms. The only reason any American has any power of government on any level is to fulfill that mandate, not to run our lives and strip us of our basic liberty.

We the people can no longer consent to tyranny.

It’s never the government’s job to determine for us what level of risk we individually want to take. If the government was tasked with trying to minimize every possible risk, we would never be able to live our lives freely. The very definition of freedom is choice within moral options. Public welfare laws that have a rational basis can help minimize risk from others’ harm or prohibit criminal activity.

But a speed limit to keep roads safer doesn’t force a total ban on driving, or even restricting driving just what routes the tyrant deems “essential.” Speed limits don’t prohibit a person’s ability to provide for himself or for his family, or run a business, or travel, or take a walk on the beach.

The kind of fundamentally irrational, arbitrary, and completely tyrannical orders now in place are without question unjustified. They amount to a total ban on freedom in some areas and oppressively restrictive in all others. The longer this tyrannical control extends, the more permanent the damage to our freedoms and our very lives.

President Trump knew from the beginning of this invisible war that we face a multi-variable issue, and the coronavirus is not the only threat of harm to America. Right now, none of our hospitals are overwhelmed. Everyone who needs a ventilator has access. The goal was never to eradicate the virus or hide out in our homes until a reliable vaccine could be produced, but only to flatten the curve — meaning, the same about of people will eventually contract the virus, but the cases won’t spike all at once.

But now the state tyrants have changed the rules and weaponized this crisis into political extortion. Americans are being held captive by threat of criminal sanctions just for engaging in necessary activities like work and worship.

Americans have had enough.

Tucker Carlson and Dave Portnoy discussed on Fox News Thursday evening how the rules have changed. Portnoy’s highly relatable rant went viral the day before with over three million views in 24 hours. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, made waves in California for simply reopening his factory against the government’s order. He stated that if anyone was going to be arrested, he would volunteer to be the only one.

These are prominent stories of Americans who have had enough and their bold stand is resonating across the country. And while they certainly have a more prominent platform to sue and to protest, their sentiments are shared by every American who has protested in person, on social media, or even in the privacy of their own home.

Americans have had enough because we understand what freedom means. We have lived it. We will not lose it. We understand that the whole point of government power is that it is limited and that we the people are not the subjects, but the sovereigns. We the people hold all of our rights and only through our consent and our vote do we give any other American some powers of government for a term and within constitutionally authorized limits.

Our founders very clearly understood the maxim that absolute power corrupts, absolutely. The separation of powers and the limit of powers is necessary to keep our society free. We are rapidly losing the limitations with every passing day of these abuses.

We are tired of the establishment and the people who have held on to power for so long that they have come to believe they have a right to that power. And they only want more. This is why President Trump’s populist appeal is so persuasive. All across the nation, ordinary Americans are motivated more than ever to drain the swamp not just in Washington, but in every government office across the country until we can revive freedom and restrain power.

The establishment is hoping we will sit by in fear and lose everything. But these tyrants underestimate the Spirit of America. Our founders pledged their very lives, fortunes, and sacred honor in pursuit of freedom and liberty. They stood firm when tyrants had so infringed upon and abused their rights that they had no other option. They could have sacrificed freedom to remain safe under their tyrant’s control. Some chose that option and were “loyalists.”

But our founders were revolutionaries. They understood our rights are inalienable.

I’ve been teaching constitutional law for years and have studied our founders with great admiration and respect for their appeals and their stance for freedom. I genuinely never thought I would see the day that our rights were again being infringed to this great an extent by governing tyrants and our freedom so abused.

These are no longer light or transient causes. These infringements are so significant, so damaging, and so permanent for so many, that we can no longer abide them.

America is on a ventilator. We must be new revolutionaries and revive our freedom. Our Declaration of Independence recognizes our right and duty to stand up to government when it overreaches.

We have for too long endured a unilateral dictation from our state government. We have to now demand a dialogue.

We the people can no longer consent to tyranny.

Americans have had enough.