James O’Keefe: We’re going to ‘depose Ana Cabrera and Brian Stelter’

Months since Twitter banned their account, Project Veritas CEO James O’Keefe is confident about his suit against CNN alleging defamation. O’Keefe claims that CNN maliciously made false allegations that damaged their reputation.

Project Veritas publicized secretly recorded video of CNN technical director Charlie Chester and published highly edited clips. O’Keefe appeared on “Fox News Primetime” to say that he is confident that his company will win the lawsuit.

“Twitter banned us for reporting what [Chester] said. But, I don’t think we can lose if we fight back, go on offense, and have the courage to stay on offense — so we sued New York Times, we are suing CNN. We are suing Twitter and we just launched a new initiative to represent other people to sue for defamation.”

In O’Keefe’s suit, he is claiming CNN host Ana Cabrera acted maliciously when she claimed, on Brian Stetler’s program, that the organization was banned for “misinformation.” She knew that wasn’t the reason for the ban, because previously, she’d tweeted the actual reason.

“There is this oligarchy there – a connection – and we’re going to get past motion to dismiss in the CNN lawsuit — and depose Ana Cabrera and Brian Stelter at CNN,” O’Keefe told host Pete Hegseth.

CNN couldn’t be immediately reached for comment.

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