James O’Keefe Sues The FBI For Labeling Him A Convicted Felon, Barring Him From Buying Firearms

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe took to Twitter to explain a new lawsuit he is filing against the Federal Bureau of Investigation. For unknown reasons, O’Keefe is labeled as a convicted felon in the NCIS database, thus preventing him from purchasing firearms — he is not, however, a convicted felon.

O’Keefe shared a video montage of him going to various gun stores in New York to purchase a gun. Everything goes smoothly until the gun broker runs his information through the NCIS — he is immediately denied every single time.

One of the videos shows an owner saying the FBI check came back with no reason for the denial — the employee also told O’Keefe this is not common.

“You’re an American citizen. You haven’t done nothing wrong. And now all of a sudden they’re shoving a polo stick up your ass,” one person said of his situation in the video.

The Project Veritas founder is not a convicted felon and there is no explanation for his placement as a felon — or as one owner said “the FBI has you on some list.” O’Keefe has received a misdemeanor for one count of illegally entering government property under false pretenses, but never a felony.

A clear violation of his second amendment rights, O’Keefe has filed suit against the federal agency for the illegal classification.

“I have been DENIED my Constitutional right to bear arms. The @FBI has erroneously put me on the NICS Background Check System as a convicted felon,” O’Keefe tweeted.