Ivanka Trump: The Whistleblower’s Name Is ‘Not Relevant’ But Their Motive Was

Advisor and daughter to President Donald Trump Ivanka Trump told the Associated Press Friday that the whistleblower‘s identity is not relevant, instead, she said what is relevant is the motive behind releasing the information of a private call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“I think that a person’s identity is known. It’s all over the internet. That person’s own lawyer, immediately following the inauguration, said that the coup was beginning,” Ivanka said.

“I do think that makes one question intent and motivation, which is relevant. But at the end of the day… It shouldn’t be a substantive part of the conversation because this is a third-party who was not privy to the call and did not have firsthand information, so that is what was the catalyst for all of this discussion, but to me it’s not particularly relevant aside from what the motivation behind all of this was.”

Ivanka Trump spoke to the AP during a trip to Morocco, where she’s promoting her Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative (WGDP). In Morocco, she spoke with women entrepreneurs, who are benefitting from new land titling reforms. Through the program, Ivanka hopes to empower 50 million women globally by 2025.