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It’s Time for American Men to Man Up and Fight For Their Country



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On the latest episode of The Sara Carter Show, Sara is joined by Republican Missouri Senator Josh Hawley to discuss the emasculation of men and the false ideologies that the leftists and so-called “marxists” in our country use to gaslight our children and youth.

Our nation’s reality has become a real life horror film where men have disappeared. To start this episode of The Sara Carter Show, Sara asks the question, “Where Have All the men gone? Right? Donde viven los hombres?” Our world has turned upside down and the leftists are in overdrive, shoving woke ideologies and vilifying all men and erasing women off the face of the planet.

What happened to feminists who fight for equal rights and the protection of women’s rights?

The woke left wants our nation to believe that gender and sex are obsolete; to believe that a trans-woman is a real woman and that a trans-man is a real man. I as well as most people that I know, want people to live their own lives however that may be, that’s a part of living in a free nation. At face value it may seem that they are pushing for what they like to call, equity, but underneath that mask it seems their is something far more sinister at play.

“It’s gone from not only, you know, accepting small little things, but to the fact where we have to accept the craziest stuff and we’ve transformed men into…. It’s been disgusting, but, baby dolls, Victoria’s Secret supermodels on the cover of Sports Illustrated. We’ve emasculated men, and we’ve literally pushed women aside into the gutter,” Sara stated on her episode. Senator Hawley responded saying, “I think the lefts ideology for decades now, but it’s really accelerated in the last few years, is to tell men that they’re toxic. Right? If you’re a man, then automatically, you make the world a worse place you make the world more unjust, you are the one who’s driving climate change all of this stuff.”

Liberals have always wanted bigger government control as to where republicans have always fought for smaller government and more state power. When the left and Main Stream Media (MSM) can push these woke ideologies to the citizens of the nation it creates a dependence on the government to fix the problem. This inherently gives reason for our government to assume more control over our nation and allows them the power to push agendas that the majority disagrees to, with no push back.

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There is ‘repeated evidence’ of non-citizens voting



vote ny

There is “repeated evidence” of non-citizens voting, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) said during an appearance on Breitbart News Daily, discussing the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act.

“Let me just say this about the overall state of the election issue,” Roy began, explaining that “we’ve got repeated evidence of those who are here illegally — or, or whether they’re here legally — but non-citizens voting.”

“We’ve got studies demonstrating that. We’ve got evidence that it may have tipped the election for Al Franken and his election back in Minnesota. Objective studies have showed…Virginia tossing out 1,500 registered voters just last year. I can go through a laundry list. We’ve got local jurisdictions — Oakland, San Francisco, our nation’s capital in Washington, DC, and New York City — who are registering voters specifically for their state and local elections, but we know that they don’t work hard to make sure they’re not voting in federal elections,” he said, noting that “federal law prohibits [and] limits the ability of states to be able to check and ensure citizenship, so much so that the state of Arizona has to run two systems — one for their state local elections and one for their federal elections.”

“They’re literally bifurcated because they want to ensure citizenship for their state and local elections, but they’re not allowed to for federal elections. Therefore, we need to fix the problem,” he said.

Breitbart News adds:

Further, Roy said, because of the Motor Voter Act — the National Voter Registration Act — passed in the 1990s, the courts have interpreted federal laws to limit the state’s ability to “determine and collect the information necessary for determining and checking citizenship.”

Essentially, Roy said the U.S. has set up a system that requires federal agencies to push out the forms, encouraging individuals to register to vote. And while they ask one to identify if they are a citizen, and while federal law requires one to be a citizen to vote in federal elections, the congressman said there is nothing there to actually check citizenship.

The SAVE Act would help address these issues and correct what Roy described as the “glitch,” making it so every state would require anyone applying to register to vote to prove their citizenship.

“By doing that, though, it is correcting the glitch. It also goes through and it addresses some of the issues that have been complicated. There are states, for example, like North Dakota, which does not have voter registration at all, okay? So they can just show up to vote and don’t have registration…They have their own rules there about what you have to present in order just to vote. And that’s obviously a less populated state than, say, California or Texas or New York or Florida. But, so, we adapt and try to adjust to help with those kinds of situations. But, overall, the purpose of the bill is exactly as you just described, pretty simple,” Roy said. This is a bipartisan issue with massive support.

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