‘It’s Not a Coincidence’: Nancy Pelosi Signs USMCA After Impeachment Announcement

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi surely had a busy morning. After she joined fellow House Democrats to announce impeachment charges against President Donald Trump, Pelosi conducted a press briefing to announce the passage of the long-awaited United States Mexico Canada Agreement.

She told reporters, however, that “It’s not a coincidence” that it all happened in the same day.

For months, President Trump had been urging Pelosi to sign the trade deal. He said she was more concerned with moving forward on impeachment. Alternatively, Pelosi had been teasing that she was just about ready to sign the deal.

During an education roundtable at the White House Monday, Trump said he’s optimistic the deal would have bipartisan support.

“I hear they’re doing very well on USMCA,” said Trump. “I’m hearing very good things.  I’m hearing from unions and others that it’s looking good. And I hope they put it up to a vote.  And if they put it up to a vote, it’s going to pass.  A lot of Democrats want to pass it too.  And we look forward to that.  But I’m hearing they’re doing very well,” Trump told reporters.

The new deal, which has often been called the new NAFTA, promotes “reciprocal trade” with our partners in Mexico and Canada. The U.S. Trade Representative will sign the deal in Mexico later today.