Israeli military targets Hamas tunnel networks overnight

The Israel Defense Forces overnight targeted terrorist tunnel networks in Gaza used by Hamas.

The massive operation came after Israel warned of a ground invasion in Gaza. However, the operation was conducted outside of Gaza with the IDF utilizing the power of 160 aircraft, tanks, artillery, and infantry units just along the border.

The IDF said they struck 150 targets, destroying kilometers of the tunnel network, which they’ve dubbed the “Hamas ‘Metro’.”

Gaza continues firing hundreds of rockets a day at Israel’s civilian population. In Israel, 9 people have died from the attacks.

In response, the IDF has been conducting operations targeting Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist strongholds in Gaza.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, 119 people have been killed in Gaza. It should be noted that hundreds of rockets from Gaza have been misfired and landed within the territories, causing significant casualties and injuries.

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