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Israel Under Attack: Senior Hamas commander killed in targeted IDF strike



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Over the last nearly two days, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorists have fired over 1,000 rockets into Israel, hoping to hit civilians. Six people have been killed by the rockets and 200 others are injured in Israel.

Israel responded on Wednesday by targeting key terrorist positions and confirmed the killing of the brigade commander for Gaza City.

Israel’s iron dome missile defense system has intercepted nearly 90% of the rockets. However, a number of rockets bypassed the system as the attacks continued for the second day. The barrage included a Hamas anti-tank guided missile (ATGM), which hit the community in Netiv Ha’Asara. It hit a jeep, killing one person and injuring another.

Also, overnight, Khalil Awad, 52, and his daughter Nadin, 16, Arab-Israelis were killed in the city of Lod after a rocket hit their car.

Later on Wednesday, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed the death of IDF combat soldier Staff Sgt. Omer Tabib, 21, who was hit by an Anti-Tank missile fired from Gaza.

Riots broke out in Israel when Arab mobs set fire to buildings, cars, looted synagogues, and threw rocks at civilians. In the city of Lod, the situation was so extreme the mayor compared it to the Nazi pogrom “Kristallnacht.”

Palestinian news agencies are reporting that 43 Palestinians have been killed. The IDF has said a number of rockets shot by Hamas and PIJ have landed in Gaza and that the Israeli army is sending alerts to Palestinian civilians before striking targets.

The IDF has been carrying out targeted strikes in Gaza as threats continue. They’ve killed a number of Hamas and PIJ terrorists chiefs as part of what has been dubbed “Operation Guardian of the Walls.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with local leaders and security officials on Wednesday evening.

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CIA director meets with Israeli PM to arouse regional support following drone attack



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By Jenny Goldsberry

Central Intelligence Agency Director William Burns visited Israel Wednesday in an effort to rally regional support amidst attacks from Iran. Burns discussed possibilities for regional cooperation with Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

Late July, drones struck an Israeli tanker off the coast of Oman. As a result, two crew members died. Since then, the United States blamed Tehran for the attack. Iranian officials deny their involvement.

At the time, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the White House was noticing a disturbing pattern. “We feel it follows a pattern of attacks and other belligerent behavior,” Psaki said. “And these actions also threaten freedom of navigation through crucial waterways — something that is posing a risk to a range of countries around the world.”
Therefore, the press secretary suggested that countries get involved. “You know, I would also note that we know our British partners have called for action, called for steps in a coordinated way from international bodies, including the United Nations, which we would certainly support,” Psaki said. Now, Burns’ visit symbolizes the United State following through on the White House’s comments.

According to a statement from Burns’ office, he met with Bennett after meeting with the head of Israel’s Mossad intelligency agency David Barnea. Burns met the Israeli leader in Tel-Aviv. “They discussed the situation in the Middle East, with emphasis on Iran, and possibilities for expanding and deepening regional cooperation,” the statement read.

Next, Burns will meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

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