Israel Could Have A COVID Vaccine In Weeks, Says Top Researchers

Israel could be weeks away from developing a Covid-19 vaccine, Israeli researchers are saying.

MIGAL, an internationally recognized research institute located in Israel’s Northern Galilee, is behind the latest effort that could bring a vaccine to the market in 90 days.

Their scientists are years ahead of many scientists working to develop a vaccine during the current global pandemic after spending years developing a vaccine against the avian coronavirus.

“The significant advantage of Migal’s efforts is that its successful 4-year project to develop a vaccine against avian coronavirus has given it a 4-year “head start” which it believes will translate into a rapid development process for an effective human vaccine,” MIGAL said in a recent press release.

Four years ago, the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture granted MIGAL $4 million to work on vaccines to fight Coronaviruses. That project paved the way for the fast-tracking of a Covid-19 vaccine that is being created with the help of MIGAL’s “already-developed fermentation process.”