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Islamic Jihad shows off ‘tunnel city’ for next attack on Israel



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Mohammed Raad, the head of the Hezbollah parliamentary bloc in the Lebanese parliament asked for a mere $9 billion to destroy Israel completely. “The resistance only needs $9 billion and there will be nothing left called Israel in the region” he said over the weekend.

Meanwhile, another terrorist organization shows how they too are planning to obliterate the state of Israel. Islamic Jihad gave a media tour in Gaza, where the terror group touted its offensive and defensive tunnel systems.

“In a ‘tunnel city’ under the sandy soils of southern Gaza, Palestinian terrorists are preparing for the next conflict with Israel, as tensions in Jerusalem threaten to escalate” reports the Times of Israel.

The underground tunnels “leave no trace on the surface” and entrances are “discreetly tucked into the foot of a small hill.” The tunnels are also “complete with electric lights, a ventilation system and telecoms cables, the tunnels also have small rooms for storing weapons and ammunition.”

Abu Hamza, Al-Quds Brigade spokesman of Islamic Jihad said “the tunnels have been repaired and the rocket stocks have been replenished” since last year’s war. He also thanked Iran for its support for helping to rebuild and replace its weapons cache.

Another source who asked not to be named, said the terror group has “a large number of offensive tunnels that stretch deep into [Israel] and are linked up to a system of drones.” He also said the group’s rockets are capable of reaching the whole of Israel.

“The rockets are on high alert and we’re waiting for the leadership to decide” said a gunman sitting close to one of the tunnel entrances with a group of gunmen under the trees.

Times of Israel reports on the latest tensions:

Weeks of deadly violence including a series of Palestinian terror attacks in Israel, Palestinian riots and a police crackdown around Jerusalem’s Temple Mount/Al-Aqsa Mosque, and stepped up IDF operations in the West Bank have prompted Islamic Jihad to threaten an escalation.

After two deadly attacks in Tel Aviv and Bnai Brak, the IDF carried out large-scale raids in the West Bank, notably the Jenin area from which the terrorists hailed.

Those operations sparked intense firefights which killed several fighters from Islamic Jihad, which is supported by Israel’s nemesis Iran.

And on Monday evening, a rocket was fired from Gaza into Israel, prompting an Israeli airstrike against a weapons factory.

No faction has yet claimed responsibility, but the incident — the first of its type since January — heightened fears of a further escalation.

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  1. Stevarino

    April 22, 2022 at 12:38 am

    The Israelis have equipment to detect these tunnels.They wait till they are full of terrorists and then send them to Allah.

  2. SteveU

    April 22, 2022 at 7:19 pm

    Good thing we are going to give billions more $$ to Iran to ‘slow’their proliferation on nuclear weapons.

  3. Stephane

    April 24, 2022 at 2:04 pm

    small seismic vibrations should take care of that, burying thousands of imbeciles.
    Ask the French Foreign Legionaires on how to do that!
    Iraq’s saddam hussein Guards got the surprise on the Kuwaiti border!

  4. Mark Richardson

    April 28, 2022 at 1:47 am

    The day Iran has a nuclear missile is the day they launch it to Israel.
    And that will be the end of Iran.

  5. Deplorable Joe Voter

    April 28, 2022 at 3:52 am

    It’s nice that they dug their own graves.

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Middle East

Upcoming book reveals Biden doesn’t believe any mistakes were made in disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal



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A new book unearths how President Joe Biden genuinely believes there were no mistakes made during the 2021 Afghanistan withdrawal. The upcoming book by Politico’s national security reporter Alexander Ward, titled, The Internationalists: The Fight to Restore Foreign Policy After Trump discusses how Biden’s public defense of his administration’s controversial withdrawal from Afghanistan was not just to save face politically.

“No one offered to resign [after the Afghanistan exit], in large part because the president didn’t believe anyone had made a mistake. Ending the war was always going to be messy,” said Ward in his upcoming book.

“Biden told his top aides, [National Security Adviser Jake] Sullivan included, that he stood by them and they had done their best during a tough situation,” Ward said, adding that a White House official had told him that “there wasn’t even a real possibility of a shake-up.”

However, “Human rights in Afghanistan are in a state of collapse [two years into the Taliban’s takeover], acutely affecting the lives of millions of women, men, girls and boys,” United Nations high commissioner for human rights Volker Turk said in September 2023. “The shocking level of oppression of Afghan women and girls is immeasurably cruel.”

The Washington Free Beacon points out that in fact, “much went wrong” however, as “Biden ended the United States’s 20-year military presence in Afghanistan, including the Taliban’s immediate takeover of Afghanistan following the exit of American troops, 13 American military service members killed in a suicide-bombing during the final stages of the evacuation, and thousands of American citizens and Afghan allies left stranded in Afghanistan.”

During the poorly coordinated evacuation, the Biden administration also left the Taliban “nearly $7.2 billion worth of aircraft, guns, vehicles, ammunition, and specialized equipment,” according to the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction.

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