American drone attack

A U.S. drone strike killed two top ISIS militants, and the leader of a breakaway Taliban faction Thursday, sources told Circa. It happened along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.  U.S. officials could not be immediately reached for comment to confirm the strike.

This is the second drone attack ordered by the Trump administration – the first was in Yemen after a counterterrorism raid by U.S. Navy Seals on an al Qaeda target. A Seal died in that operation.

Thursday’s strike was centered in a remote border area of Afghanistan between eastern Nangarhar and Khost province, where suspected ISIS fighters have taken control and built training facilities, according to Afghan officials and Pakistani sources in the region.

Initial reports suggested that the drone strike targeted Taliban militants, but Afghan officials said the strike hit ISIS commanders who had been wanted by the U.S. and Afghanistan for targeting American and Afghan forces.

ISIS commanders targeted and killed 

Deputy Police Chief Asad Ullah Khogyani, of Nangarhar, told Circa that ISIS commanders Qari Munib and Shahid Omar were killed in the strike.

The chief said Munib was a senior ISIS trainer, and that Omar had targeted U.S. forces in the eastern province months earlier. Several other ISIS militants also were killed.
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Sajid Khan contributed to this report from Pakistan 

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