Is MSM and DNC colluding against Bernie Sanders?

Washington times reports that Sen. Bernard Sanders‘ grassroots activists fear a repeat of 2016 in next year’s Democratic primary — this time, instead of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, they see the party establishment rallying around former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. in an effort to deny their candidate the nomination.

Former Bernie Sanders national staffer Tezlyn Figaro said on Fox News that Sanders supporters will not get behind anyone else who wins the Democratic nomination.

“Bernie can’t control his supporters, if he happens to loose again the democratic nomination,” said Figaro. “Sanders supporters are very clear that if anyone challenges king Sanders, they are there to destroy and devide. There will be no [party] unity.”

Katie Pavlich, a Fox News contributor says that Democratic Party has not done a “reconciliation” of what happened in the 2016 election and now supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders feel that former Vice President Joe Biden may be receiving the same preferential treatment.

Pavlich said there’s the same feeling of “inevitability” building around Biden, as recent polls show him holding a commanding lead. She said the DNC must undertake a “good faith effort” toward Sanders’ supporters to avoid a replay of the divisions at the 2016 convention.

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