Islamic State terrorists recruited an Iraqi scientist to spearhead their chemical weapons program after capturing the city of Mosul in 2014. Moreover, ISIS continues to seek weapons of mass destruction despite the organization’s depleted war capabilities and numbers, according to an exclusive interview by The Washington Post’s Joby Warrick.

Warrick interviewed Suleiman al-Afari, an Iraqi geologist who was reassigned from his government work by ISIS when the terrorist organization took Mosul. Afari did not have regrets and said it was difficult to keep a government job so he helped with the chemical weapons program.

But it came with a price. Afari, is now on death row. Afari spoke to Warrick at the headquarters of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Counterterrorism Department.

More importantly, the in-depth interview gives a first hand glimpse into the organization and life in Mosul during the occupation. ISIS terrorists are still plotting to attack western assets, U.S. and Kurdish officials warn. Officials note that ISIS’s use of these types of weapons during the height of the war led to hundreds of deaths and injuries.

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