Iranian MoD Shows New Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Sayyad-3

Iranian Ministry of Defense (MoD) has showcased a new generation of Sayyad-3 missiles.

The new missile has been delivered to the 15 Khordad air defense missile site on Sunday June 9 with Defense Minister Amir Hatami and army air defence commander Amir Sabahi Fard present at the site.

According to IRGC-linked news agency Tasnim, the 15 Khordad air defense missile launchers are capable of striking 6 targets simultaneously.

The launcher can be prepared for strike in about 5 minutes, said the Tasnim report.

The range of Sayyad-2 was 75 kilometers while the new generation Sayyad-3 missiles have a range of 120 kilometers, the report added.

Iran has worked in recent years to build its own weapons locally, rather than relying on foreign actors.