Iran Threatens Legal Action Against U.S. Sanctions

Iran is using Syrians for terrorism recruits against Israel

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that he would take legal action against the U.S. for sanctioning Iran, according to a Reuters report. Rouhani’s speech was broadcasted on Iranian state television.

The Trump administration has pushed more sanctions on Iran after scrapping the failed JCPOA nuclear deal. Iran is also one of the world’s largest sponsors of terrorism providing enemies of the U.S. with ammunition and military support. Additionally, Iran is cozied up to some of the most repressive leaders including Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Therefore, Rouhani called on the ministries of foreign affairs and justice “to file a legal case in Iranian courts against those in America who designed and imposed sanctions on Iran”.

“The Americans have only one goal: they want to come back to Iran and rule the nation again,” said Rouhani.

Iran’s Tanking Economy

Moreover, Iran’s currency values are low and inflation is high due to increasing U.S. pressure. Several reports have suggested that the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) plans to start printing money out of desperation. According to the Heritage Foundation’s 2019 Index of Economic Freedom, the Iranian people are protesting in the streets due to high unemployment, which is at 12.5 percent, low standards of living, and nonexistent individual economic freedom.

Human Rights Abuses

Last week, Iran was appointed to the United Nations Women’s Rights Committee. Ironically, the state has some of the most oppressive policies towards women. Iranian lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh was sentenced to 38 years in prison and 148 lashes. Her crime: supporting Iranian women who protest wearing the hijab.

Why? Because wearing a hijab is compulsory under Iranian state law. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reacted to the news on twitter saying, “We can never rest in the fight for human rights.”

“First they went after the journalists, activists and dissidents,” said Hadi Ghaemi, Executive Director of the Center for Human Rights in Iran. “Now they’re going after their only line of defense.”