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Iran furthers segregation, announcing women only ambulances



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The segregation and alienation of women in Iran is growing; most recently, Iran’s head of the Emergency Department has announced there will be women-only ambulances. The decision by Jafar Miaadfar, the Islamic Republic’s Head of the Emergency Department, has increased concern for women’s health and safety in the regime.

The new special ambulances for women only, will still have male drivers, but technicians will only be women. Miaadfar noted that the measure was approved by the Supreme Council of Health in a session with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. The plan was implemented in several cities and will become operational throughout major metropolitan areas, reports Foreign Desk News.

Ambulance discrimination is the latest of new measures to segregate men and women following the death of 22-year-old Masha Amini at the hands of the Islamic morality police and the protests that resulted in the aftermath.

“Despite the protests cooling off in Iran, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei have doubled down on enacting repressive policies and consequences against young Iranian women” adds Foreign Desk News.

“In April, the regime tried to reimpose strict dress codes, sending thousands of text messages to remind business owners and drivers of the crackdown on women not wearing hijabs.”

Nahid Khodakarmi, the former head of the Health Committee of Tehran City Council, warned that the regime’s newest plan to separate by gender in the emergency room is “harmful, time-consuming, and costly.” She added that such actions risk women’s access to emergency healthcare.

“Emergency services are not segregated by gender anywhere in the world,” Khodakarmi said on Monday.

“I don’t know the reason behind emphasizing gender segregation in different areas of the healthcare system gender segregation in the general sense is not possible in the emergency room,” she said.


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Biden Administration Undermines Bibi’s Vision For Post-War Gaza



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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (“Bibi”) revealed a basic framework for how he believes Gaza should be governed following the war. Gazans would govern on the local level, would have “administrative experience” and would not be allowed to have any affiliation with “countries or entities that support terrorism.” By this standard, Netanyahu may be envisioning a government without ties to Iran, Qatar or even the Palestinian Authority.

Israel’s goals of the war according to the framework are “the destruction of the military capabilities and governmental infrastructure of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the return of the hostages abducted on October 7, and the removal of any security threat from Gaza Strip long-term.” The framework also discusses an “indefinite” period where the IDF can operate in Gaza, and a buffer zone to be constructed within Gaza to last “as long as there is a security need for it.”

But while Bibi has offered a reasonable vision for post-war Gaza, the Biden administration continues to undermine Israel’s efforts.

First, the Biden administration continues to gaslight Israel, with President Biden saying that Israel may lose its standing in the world if it continues to have an “incredibly conservative government.” This remark was so brash that Bibi responded to it publicly. And meanwhile, Qatar’s role internationally and as a mediator in the hostage crisis remains unquestioned by the Biden administration, despite the fact that Qatar has paid Hamas $2 billion in the past 10 years, and recent revelations that it trained Hamas operatives at the Qatar Police College.

Second, while the Biden administration maintains that it doesn’t want Hamas to rule the Strip, it continues to not committo Israel’s right to destroy Hamas given Hamas’ stated goal to eliminate Israel. This dithering from the administration continues as Israel has intelligence that Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran will ratchet up attacks during Ramadan and try to achieve another October 7-like event.

Third, in opposition to Bibi’s concept of a buffer zone, the Biden administration has stated that it does not want to see Gaza reduced in size. The Biden administration’s position that Gaza will not lose territory seems ridiculous given that Hamas started four wars with Israel since the 2005 disengagement (in 2008-2009, 2012, 2014, and now 2023-2024), as well as incessant missile attacks and terror tunnels.

Fourth, the Biden administration continues to call for a “revitalized” Palestinian Authority. While Bibi has telegraphed some flexibility on this issue, this “revitalization” looks like it will violate Israel’s national security interests. The Palestinian government in Judea and Samaria has resigned, and the Biden administration has supported this development, in the spirit of “reform and revitaliz[ation],” as well as the unification of a Palestinian entity in Gaza and Judea and Samaria. However, there is a plan backed by Arab governments to have the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) absorb Hamas into a new government, and this appears to be at least tacitly endorsed by the Biden administration. The administration continues to not indicate how “revitalization” will address the toxic ideology of Hamas, which is slated to be absorbed somehow into the Palestinian Authority, or the Palestinian Authority itself, which praises Hamas, the October 7 attacks, and calls for destroying the Jews and Israel. Nor does this address the perennial issue of how the US government can avoid supporting terrorism through 1) supporting a unity PLO-Hamas government and 2) supporting the Palestinian Authority regardless because of its “pay-to-slay” compensation program. And several analysts have also criticized the government’s resignation as merely “cosmetic,” enabling Abbas to consolidate power and to avoid true reform.

Fifth, the Biden administration stated that Israeli “settlements” in Judea and Samaria are illegal under international law, a reversal from the Pompeo Doctrine of the Trump administration. This cuts against the heart of Israeli interests, as over 517,000 Israelis now live in Judea and Samaria, up almost 40 percent from just 10 years ago, and these Israelis represent a cross-section of Israeli society (haredi, religious Zionist, and secular).

Sixth, the Biden administration continues to support a Palestinian state. In contrast, both the current right-wing government, and a whopping 74 percent of Israelis reject the concept.

While Israel continues to make gains on the battlefield, the Biden administration risks undermining those gains by continuing to push a political settlement that will strengthen terrorism and weaken Israel. Hopefully, Bibi will be able to overcome these counterproductive forces, and realize his vision for a demilitarized post-war Gaza.

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