The first batch of results, which accounted for 62 percent of the approximately 1,700 precincts across the state, showed Buttigieg leading with about 28 percent of the delegates who will eventually be elected to the national convention. Sanders was running second, with 25 percent of the so-called delegate shares.


WATCH: This Iowa caucus-goer asked to change her vote after learning for the first time that Mayor Pete is gay. One of the candidate’s precinct captains is now being praised for keeping her cool while speaking to the shocked woman.

“I saw the most undemocratic process, frankly, that I ever experienced in whole my forty years of political career” Moe Vela tells Newsmax TV’s National Report regarding the Iowa.

The Biden campaign wrote a letter to the Iowa Democratic Party complaining about the “considerable flaws” in the vote-reporting system.
“People should be able to have faith that the process was fair,” Biden deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield says.