‘I’m wowed by what you did’: Chris Cuomo Lauds Brother Gov. Cuomo’s COVID Response

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo conducted a not so objective interview Wednesday night with his brother New York Governor Andrew Cuomo lauding his success in the handling of the novel coronavirus spread in his state.

“It will never be seen as fair in people’s eyes, and we both get that, that’s ok,” Chris Cuomo said. “You got plenty of people to talk to.”

“I just hope you recognize even what I’m able to recognize being spawned from the same wolf pack. I hope you are able to appreciate what you did in your state and what it means for the rest of the country now. And what it will always mean to those who love and care about you the most,” Chris Cuomo told his brother.

He added, “I’m wowed by what you did. And, more importantly, I’m wowed by how you did it. This was very hard. I know it’s not over, but obviously I love you as a brother, obviously, I’ll never be objective, obviously, I think you’re the best politician in the country. But I hope you feel good about what you did for your people because I know they appreciate it. Nothing’s perfect, you’ll have your critics, but I’ve never seen anything like what you did and that’s why I’m so happy to have had you on the show.”

CNN’s Cuomo soon got backlash on social media following the interview. Many argued that the Governor caused thousands of elderly deaths in an executive order that earlier required nursing homes to take recovering COVID-19 patients.