IfNotNow Asks Biden, Buttigieg, and Booker To End ‘Israeli Occupation.’ Here’s The Latest.

IfNotNow, an anti-Israel leftist organization comprised of Jewish Americans who’s mission is to end the “Israeli occupation,” has launched a full ambush campaign vying for the support of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates. The organization already earned the favor of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Over the weekend, the organization approached Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, and Cory Booker.

IfNotNow fellow Elias Newman approached Joe Biden during a campaign stop in Dover, New Hampshire Friday, where he asked Biden if he would “pressure Israel to end the occupation as president,” to which Biden replied, “The answer, do you know anything about my record?” he continued, “then you know I have, well you know I have….”

Pete Buttigieg was also approached Friday in Laconia, New Hampshire by IfNotNow activists. There, Buttigieg told IfNotNow fellow Erin Sandler that “The occupation must end.” He added that there is a newly-emerging “awareness that in the same way that you can be pro-America without that meaning you got to support our President, you can care about Israel’s future and believe in the U.S. relationship and alliance with Israel without being on board with right-wing policies by the Netanyahu government which is now walking away from peace in a way that I think will harm the Israeli people, the Palestinian people, and in the long run the American people.”

Another IfNotNow fellow approached Cory Booker Saturday, however, they didn’t get the answer they had hoped for. The group tweeted that Booker appeared “visibly frustrated” when asked if he believed “the Occupation is a human rights crisis for Palestinians?” even saying, “Looks like he’s choosing AIPAC over the grassroots.”

Just last month, IfNowNow added a 501(c)(4) wing and hired six full-time fellows to station themselves in New Hampshire in order to conduct this recent ambush campaign. It’s extremely concerning for supporters of the State of Israel who find both their rhetoric and actions to be anti semitic, which, former IDF Sergeant with the Paratroopers, speaker, writer, Middle East analyst, and activist Jonathan Michanie echoed in his column for the Algemeiner Monday. Michanie shared a sobering similarity between IfNotNow’s rhetoric and the rhetoric of many former and current anti-semitic leaders. Ironically, all groups strongly advocated against the “Judaization” of the Jewish State of Israel.

“Ignoring the particular history and presence of the Jewish people in that region, IfNotNow subconsciously invoked a term used by some of the vilest antisemitic figures and texts in modern history,” Michanie wrote.

The term, as Michanie points out, is written in Hitler’s Mein Kampf, where he said, “The Judaization of our spiritual life and mammonization of our mating impulse sooner or later befouls our entire new generation, for instead of vigorous children of natural feeling, only the miserable specimens of financial expedience come forth,” and later, “How far in this the inner Judaization of our people has progressed can be seen from the low respect, not to disdain, which is awarded the craftsman’s work in itself.”

Some other examples, Michanie identified, included Henry Ford’s The International Jew — The World’s Foremost Problem, which used the term regularly, along with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, who said, “Israel is Judaizing the Temple Mount.”

In the interest of understanding the weight of their words, Michanie shared, “Here is my message to the executives of IfNotNow: Either learn the beauty and tragedy of our people’s history, or steer clear of it. Do not use false pretenses in order to exploit your Judaism to gain political points. Your rhetoric is not just inconsistent, inaccurate, discriminatory, and offensive; it is also dangerous to whatever future Israelis and Palestinians may have.”