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If Title 42 Expires, border crisis will completely change our ‘American way of life’



Border Patrol

Dr. Kevin Roberts, President of the Heritage Foundation, warns that although we have seen the most “historic crisis” at the border since Biden took office, it has the potential to get much, much worse.

Roberts discusses how during his many visits to the border, regular American people are noticing one detrimental problem: “the surge is upending the American way of life.” With Title 42 set to expire under the Biden Administration, the border crisis will turn into an American crisis.

“This is not a Democrat or Republican problem – or at least it shouldn’t be – the Democrats turned it into a problem. It’s really important that we understand that this is changing our American way of life” says Roberts.

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  1. Stephane

    April 7, 2022 at 5:34 pm

    The left has decided to allow as many dangerous foreigners into the USA without any checking, vetting, medical supervision, and NO criminal records checks.
    The felons are pouring into the country. The Middle Eastern criminals like ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas are IN SITU, well entrenched, with weapons, explosives, and support to help them. The cartels are breaching the border with tens of thousands kilos of deadly drugs, felons, and diseased people to MULE the drugs in.
    Thanks to the”””senile rapist imbecile chinese stooge 46″””, the country has been INVADED like never before, with the worst all countries could produce.

  2. Debbie Tullis

    April 8, 2022 at 8:16 pm

    I do not understand why the supreme court does not step in and stop this craziness of bidens all of our supreme court justices can over rule bidens stupid dang laws that are doing nothing but hurting America and the American people no one in the white house especially the democractic party has that much power they all need to realize they are elected officials by the American people and in my opinion if the supreme court justices can not up hold the constitutionally laws then they need to be replaced as well the American people do not serve the government the government serves the people so STOP title 42 from being destroyed by a man that does not understand what he is doing

  3. jim

    April 9, 2022 at 5:21 pm

    I cannot believe that our government doesn’t see this problem and do something about it! I know that they could care less because it won’t affect them because of where they live! They live in protected communities with security walls—paid for by we the people! They have stolen so much from the people they were supposed to represent! They are bigger thieves than what are crossing the border! And we call them AMERICAN CITIZENS? I say after they step down from office, the protection they now get, should stop also!

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NYC Mayor Adams’ budget cuts slash total number of police and education funds



GettyImages 1370356383 scaled e1644995315596

“No city should be left to handle a national humanitarian crisis largely on its own, and without the significant and timely support we need from Washington, D.C., today’s budget will only be the beginning,” said  New York City Democratic Mayor Eric Adams about his decision to make budget cuts as a result of the overwhelming migrant crisis.

However, those who will suffer from budget cuts to the city’s services to offset the cost of dealing with the ever-increasing number of migrants are those that are in place to make the city better.

“The cuts will see police freeze hiring and bring the total number of police officers below 30,000. It would further slash the education budget by $1 billion over two years and affect a litany of other agencies” reports Just The News.

Albeit, Adams admitted: “In all my time in government, this is probably one of the most painful exercises I’ve gone through.” More than 110,000 migrants have arrived in New York City over the past year, including roughly 13,000 sent from Texas by GOP Governor Greg Abbott as part of his ongoing bussing plan to send new arrivals to the U.S. to sanctuary cities.

However, similar to other leaders of sanctuary cities, Adams is unwilling to put his money where his mouth is. In September, Adams warned that the crisis would “destroy New York City” and begged the federal government to pay for his mess.

“I’m gonna tell you something, New Yorkers, never in my life have I had a problem that I didn’t see an ending to. I don’t see an ending to this,” Adams said at the time. “The federal government needs to do its job. We need the federal government, the Congress members, the Senate and the president to do their job: close the borders,” said Adams’ advisor Ingrid Lewis Martin insisted in early October. “And until you close the borders, you need to come on with a full-on decompression strategy where you can take all of our migrants and move them through our 50 states.”


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