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‘ICE Alerts’ Twitter account locked



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A Twitter account for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) specializing in public safety alerts pertaining to fugitive undocumented immigrants called ICE Alerts on Tuesday has been locked.

At the time of publication, ICE’s official Twitter account has not addressed the locking of the ICE Alerts account.

On the ICE Alerts account page is a note saying: “These Tweets are protected” and “Only approved followers can see @ICEAlerts’s Tweets.” The note then mentions that in order to request access, click “follow”.

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The account, launched in January 2013, was reportedly locked by the Biden administration, according to a former senior advisor at ICE, Jon Feere. According to him, the account was largely developed by the Trump administration.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, Feere heavily criticized the move to lock the account, charging that it “seems the Biden Admin locked @ICEAlerts because if you were to report the location of one of these dangerous aliens to ICE, it would become too obvious that these assaulters, drug dealers, thieves, and drunk drivers are now allowed to go free under Biden’s policies.”

Feere went on to share examples of public safety alerts from the account, arguing that the administration “doesn’t want you reporting” violent fugitives who are undocumented immigrants.

In a statement to this reporter, an ICE spokesperson said that the ICE Alerts account, whose last tweet was on January 21, has been archived.

“ICE continues to use its main twitter account, @ICEgov, and our regional twitter accounts to communicate with the public about our national security, border security, and public safety mission,” the spokesperson said. “ICE also uses our website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Flickr to communicate with all our stakeholders, including local jurisdictions.”

“ICE routinely updates its many communication tools to ensure accurate information remains consist with current priorities,” the spokesperson continued. “As with similar accounts associated with prior administrations’ policies, @ICEalerts was archived as it was no longer being maintained.”

“ICE continues to focus its civil immigration enforcement on the common-sense priorities of national security, border security, and public safety,” they added.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) did not immediately respond to this reporter’s request.

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During the Trump administration, whose immigration policies and rhetoric were markedly tougher than those of previous administrations, the role of ICE came under intense scrutiny from progressives and various civil rights groups in large part—among many other things—for using tactics viewed as aggressive and inhumane in its detaining of undocumented immigrants residing in the country. As a result, an increasing amount of those on the left have come out in support of abolishing ICE outright.

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Chinese Spy Balloon: Tensions rise between the U.S. and China



China shutterstock 1376982239

A strange object was spotted Wednesday over Billings Montana. The Pentagon confirmed Thursday that the strange object was, in fact, a Chinese spy balloon. According to a report from KPAX, a western Montana news outlet, the balloon had been on the governments radar for days.

On Friday, the Chinese government released a statement saying that the balloon spotted in Billings is a “civilian airship” that’s sole purpose is used to collect research on weather and that it had just blown off course. The balloon was not shot down by orders of the Pentagon due to the risk of falling debris injuring people on the ground.

Sara Carter, who has spoken frequently on the Chinese government’s threat and expansion to the West, stated on Twitter that the United States has failed to stop China from purchasing land near military installations, vital agricultural land, as well as, allowing Chinese linked companies, such as Huawei, to install technology in cellular towers. Those cellular towers are located in Montana, along side more than 150 ICBM nuclear silos.

China said, “The Chinese side regrets the unintended entry of the airship into U.S. airspace due to force majeure.” Majeure meaning that it was out of there control. It blew off course due to limited “self-steering” capabilities according the Ministry. The ministry also stated that the balloon, “deviated far from its planned course.”

This incident is adding fuel to the fire of what is already a tense relationship between the worlds two largest economies. China already lays claim to approximately 80% of the South China Sea, and is seeking full control over Taiwan after assuming full control of Hong Kong. China’s belt and road initiative has invested copious amounts of money into building infrastructure in other countries and uses it as economic blackmail. China’s transportation of fentanyl into Mexico is yet again another example of how they are seeking to damage the US.

Is this just a weather ballon that blew off course? US officials at the White House seem to be unconvinced and will continue to monitor the balloon, as reported.

UPDATED: Statement from the Pentagon was jaw dropping when a reporter asked if the public has a right to know about Beijing’s balloon.

“The public certainly has the ability to look up in the sky and see where the balloon is,” a DOD official responded.


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