HYPOCRISY: Chris Cuomo LOSES IT on air over President Trump’s mask

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo had a meltdown Monday night over President Donald Trump’s decision to take off his mask in his own house: The White House. The medical staff at Walter Reed Military Medical Center released Trump from their care after he successfully battled the worst first days of his COVID-19 infection.

Cuomo, along with many other leftist Joe Biden supporters, couldn’t take President Trump’s swift recovery from the “China virus.” After days of hoping and reporting that the President could be very ill and possibly on his way out of the planet, his sudden recovery was an affront to their hopes.

The anger was obvious and thankfully, for those of us who don’t watch CNN, we can all watch the melt down on Twitter or Youtube.

Also, what about Cuomo’s hypocrisy? Remember he’s the guy that was galavanting around the Hamptons after testing positive for COVID-19. Remember all his ridiculous interviews from his fancy basement and it was those same interviews where he was caught in his own lies.

On Monday, Cuomo accused Trump of putting out propaganda because he took his mask off, saying the President “was fronting a lie to his people.”

Interesting choice of words, don’t you think.

So weird that American people who voted for Trump are no longer called Americans but Cuomo and CNN have made Trump supporters like aliens, calling them “his people.”

It’s an us vs. them situation being spouted in the news daily and dividing our nation the way we have never seen in the past.

“How much bullshit do you need in your life?” Cuomo said Monday night, in a fit of rage.

I had to add this ridiculous quote. Notice how CNN anchors and journalists are using expletives more often on television. They think the word “bullshit” makes them endearing to millennials and leftist hipsters. They couldn’t be more wrong.