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Hunter Biden did business with oligarchs in Russia and Ukraine during 2014 invasion



joe biden and hunter biden

The web of Hunter Biden’s unethical behavior disguised as “business” continues to be unraveled in the public eye; if only the mainstream media would actually report it. Most recently to be discovered, Just the News reports:

“In the shadows of Russia’s first invasion of Ukraine in 2014, Hunter Biden and his business partners embarked on an aggressive campaign to score millions of dollars in ‘life changing’ business with oligarchs in both countries who had an interest in his father’s policymaking business, according to emails and court records.”

Specifically, Hunter and his associates targeted Russian oligarch Yelena Baturina and her husband, even arranging for them to meet with then-Vice president Joe Biden at “an intimate diner in Washington in 2015.”

Baturina was sanctioned by the U.S. in 2018 for approximately $200 million, just a few years after Hunter helped her secure a bank account in America, emails show. While courting Baturina, Hunter was also working the Ukrainian side.

Hunter received the high paying position and consulting deals with Ukrainian oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky and his company, the famous Burisma Holdings. The U.S. and Great Britain already wanted Burisma Holdings investigated for corruption at that time.

One of Hunter’s business associates John Galanis, who has been convicted for their unethical work, declared in a sworn affidavit to a federal court that Hunter Biden was promising oligarchs “quid pro quo” access to his father in Washington and the U.S. government:

“Jason Galanis gave his interest in Burnham/Wealth Assurance to Archer on the prospect that Archer and Hunter Biden would continue to attract foreign oligarchs on the promise of high level political contacts,” John Galanis swore in a January 2020 affidavit that unequivocally referred to the scheme as “political influence peddling.”

Within Just the News’ incredibly detailed expose of the matter, the outlet reports:

Ever since Just the News and a Senate committee first revealed in 2020 that Baturina sent $3.5 million to a firm inside Hunter Biden’s business circle, Democrats and their defenders have tried to distance the family from the Russian oligarch. The Senate report, citing a media story, said Hunter Biden cofounded the firm that received that Baturina payment; Hunter Biden’s lawyer has said he didn’t have an ownership stake in the firm and wasn’t a cofounder.

But the memos make clear Hunter Biden had direct dealings and was on a first-name basis with Baturina as they pitched her deals, which included a $40 million real estate venture in New York through the Burnham investment firm where Hunter Biden was listed as a vice chairman in the firm’s promotional materials. Hunter Biden’s team also tried to get her an American bank account, the records show…

…By mid-February 2014, the Russian oligarch planned to visit with Biden’s associates when she came to the U.S. for the official opening of her American account. On Feb. 14, 2014, Baturina wired $3.5 million to Rosemont Seneca Thornton, LLC (an entity linked to Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca empire), according to a U.S. Senate report. One week later, Yanukovych fled Ukraine and the country plunged further into chaos.

The same month that Baturina got U.S. bank account approval and wired the $3.5 million to Rosemont Seneca Thornton, then-Vice President Joe Biden was named Obama’s “point man” to deal with the chaos in Ukraine.

Hunter’s entanglement with the wealthy oligarchs coincided with Russia invading Ukraine:

With Joe Biden handling U.S. foreign policy toward Ukraine, Hunter Biden and his business partners exploited the opportunity. “With Yelena in my now [sic],” Archer wrote to Hunter Biden on March 13, 2014. At that very moment, Russia — having already fully invaded Crimea — was amassing troops and armored vehicles in at least three more regions in eastern Ukraine: Belgorod, Kursk, and Rostov. And while the Ukrainian government was requesting lethal assistance from the U.S., the Obama-Biden administration “deferred” the request. 

As Russia was invading Ukraine, Hunter Biden was in direct contact with the Russian oligarch while visiting in Italy, according to an email exchange between his associates. Hunter Biden had booked Archer a room and was “At [Villa] d’Este,” emails show.

It was all fun and games for Hunter Biden until January 2018, when the Trump administration “sanctioned more than 100 Russian state-run company CEOS and Russian oligarchs for having close ties to Putin.”

Among them was Elena Baturina, who “was number 12 on the list of oligarchs, just behind Alfa Bank founder Petr Aven.” And finally, most telling of all, Just the News emphasizes “And when President Trump tried to get to the bottom of the Biden Burisma scheme, the Democrats impeached him.”

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  1. Pherbia Stephens

    April 5, 2022 at 6:58 pm

    All those deceitful millionaires plus Joe and Hunter Biden, who in our view, are all under the complete control of Satan the Devil. What are they going to do with their millions when
    they come face to face with, Jesus Christ, at His return? Those devils do not love people -JUST their BIG MANSIONS to brag about along with how wealthy they are. Just “A BIG SHOW OFF” to try to impress normal sensible people. I am a 92 year old low income widow and have never desired to be rich. I love people and especially little children who often have to go hungry in this country. I spend many hours behind my sewing machines every week sewing clothes for the needy. I could not be happier and looking for the return of Jesus.

  2. Profx

    April 5, 2022 at 8:46 pm

    The son of the Big Guy is a miserable human being. Part of it involves his personal behavior with women but another part involves betrayal of our Nation for money, drugs, power and who knows what else.
    Hunter and anyone else exposed in the investigation need to suffer the consequences of literally selling out our Nation. This is serious.

  3. MicMac69

    April 6, 2022 at 4:46 am

    A disgusting nation led by mafiosi clans: the Kennedys, the Bush, the Clintons, the Obamas, the Bidens. None of them came to power by a military coup, all were “democratically” elected by a majority of american (stupid) citizens…

  4. RetiredIT

    April 6, 2022 at 6:14 am

    Any article about Hunter Biden is completely irrelevant at this point in time. He was tried, convicted and hanged at GITMO last October for his horrendous crimes! WAKE UP!!

  5. dennodogg

    April 6, 2022 at 11:25 am

    I’ve been saying for quite a while now, that groping joe has been playing the Vinnie “the chin” gigante role for the last year. Anybody that’s not familiar with “the chin” should know that he lead the Genovese crime family in NY and managed to deceive the FBI for 25 years by stumbling around Greenwich Village in his pajamas and bath robe, mumbling to himself, and feigning mental illness. NY City detectives, tired of the usual fed b.s. stories, took it upon themselves to expose the chin as ” the boss” and finally took him down. This is joe the grope… times, speaking the queen’s English, ( ok, ok, using a 95 inch teleprompter helps) with almost no errors, yet at other times, he gets lost looking for ice cream in the middle of a sentence. Which ever case it may be, he needs to be removed and a Constitutional convention be called to look into everything biden, including that fraudulent election.

  6. Stephane

    April 7, 2022 at 4:58 am

    The more the DEMON RATS want to hide the corruption in their ranks, the more the truth comes out. IT IS DEAFENING!
    The “””biden CRIME FAMILY””” is at an all-time low in the deception on the People area.
    There is nothing the will shy of doing that is against the law.
    And the DEMON RAT party and leaders are blaming PRESIDENT TRUMP of all the sins they are committing!

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REPORT: China uses psychiatric institutions to suppress dissent



China shutterstock 1376982239

China has a vast network of psychiatric institutions that it uses to suppress dissent, according to a recent report by Safeguard Defenders, an NGO that focuses on human rights violations in China and other Asian countries. The report compiled data found on 99 victims involved in 144 instances on involuntary hospitalizations in 109 institutions from 2015 through 2021. Of the 99 victims in the report, 80 were petitioners [i.e., those who file complaints against officials] and 14 were activists.

But this is hardly a new phenomenon. “China’s regime has been torturing, maiming, and killing dissidents and others in psychiatric facilities for seven decades,” said Gordon G. Chang, author of The Coming Collapse of China and The Great U.S.-China Tech War. “The only way to end the horrific abuse is to end the rule of the Communist Party.”

The report detailed especially harsh treatments, which include: forced medication (in 77 percent of cases), physical restraints on the bed (60 percent), beatings by staff or other patients (25 percent) and electroshock therapy (14 percent). Otherwise normally healthy people were given anti-psychotic and psychotropic medications, causing severe side effects like memory loss, insomnia and tremors. Electroshock therapy was often administered to the victims as they were fully conscious, rather than under anesthesia in small doses as would be clinically appropriate for certain patients.  According to the report, “[Electroshock therapy] without anesthesia is not only unimaginably painful and frightening for the patient but carries serious side effects, including the risk of bone fractures, joint dislocation, muscle tears, disruption of the heart beat and lung damage.”

Family and friends are often used as weapons against the victims. They were not permitted to call or visit the victims in 76 percent of cases, which essentially makes these cases “enforced disappearances.” 11 percent of cases were committed with the assistance of family (either voluntarily or coerced by authorities). Family and friends who petition for the victim’s release are often faced with persecution, and involuntarily commitment themselves.

The peak of psychiatric detentions occurred from 2015 through 2016, which was around the same time as China’s “709 Crackdown” where the government persecuted hundreds of human rights lawyers.

Some of the detentions are rather draconian. As a petitioner who called for local authorities to investigate a robbery in his house, Zeng Jiping was detained for almost two years. For “live tweeting herself splashing paint over a portrait of Xi Jinping,” Dong Yaoqiong received 1 year, 4 months detention. Twenty-nine out of the 99 victims in the report were hospitalized more than once. In two-thirds of cases where data was known, the authorities did not perform a psychiatric evaluation, in direct violation of China’s Mental Health Law.

The report also gives the example of Andy Li, a member of the “Hong Kong 12” pro-democracy protestors, as falling victim to involuntary detention in Hong Kong’ Siu Lam Psychiatric Center in 2021. The report noted that, as Li’s family didn’t know about his detention, “Li’s cases appears to be a worrying sign that the political abuse of psychiatry practiced on the mainland is now being exported into Hong Kong…”

Those who are finally released from their involuntary committals face lasting physical and phycological pain, and stigma within their communities. People seeking damages for their treatment are often faced with doctors and attorneys who do not want to assist them for fear of retaliation from the government.


According to the report, China is using “peace and health asylums” and other healthcare institutions to “punish and remove activists and petitioners from society without the trouble of going through a trial.” While the report details various Chinese laws that are supposed to protect citizens from such involuntary hospitalizations, in reality Chinese authorities do not abide by these laws and the citizens are not protected. The policy of involuntary hospitalizations show the extent to which the Chinese Communist Party will go to suppress dissent.

You can follow Steve Postal on Twitter @HebraicMosaic

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