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Hunter Biden admits he’s lost a third laptop, this time to Russians



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By Jenny Goldsberry

The Daily Mail unearthed another video from Hunter Biden’s laptop where he admits another personal laptop was stolen. This would be Hunter’s third lost laptop. Only this time, he claims Russian drug dealers stole it.

Hunter abandoned his first 2015 Macbook Delaware computer store in 2019. Then, Drug Enforcement Agency officials reportedly seized a second laptop of his, while they raided Keith Ablow’s office. Ablow is a friend of Hunter’s but was under investigation following the loss of his medical license. Previously, he was a celebrity psychiatrist.

According to Hunter, the laptop includes videos of him having sex with women. He says in the video, filmed in January 2019, that he worried that if it was sold on a porn site he wouldn’t make any money off of it. “Maybe it’s ‘news interest’ and because my dad’s a public figure they say ‘we don’t have to pay you anything because you’re of interest in regular news,'” Hunter said.

“I think you should just beat him to the punch,” the alleged prostitute tells him. “I think you should release your own video.”

Next she asked Hunter if he was worried it would become blackmail someday. He told her he was worried. He even told her his father was running for president.

Read the full article here.

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Sara Carter speaks from UAW picket line: ‘None of them actually bought’ Biden’s visit



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Sara Carter joined Sean Hannity from the picket line after President Joe Biden’s “brief” few minutes of support with the United Auto Workers strike in Michigan. Biden spent a “whopping 12 minutes with those UAW workers outside the plant today” said Carter.

“And I can tell you the time I spent with hundreds of workers walking up and down that line it was stunning to see how they had turned on the administration none of them actually bought the visit they thought it was more political than it was supportive” she added about her discussions with workers on the ground.

“It’s all about votes, trying to get votes” said one worker. “It’s a show” said another. Individuals also lamented “they didn’t forget about us During the pandemic. We were building cars and trucks, we were working” only to be left behind now.

Carter said it was evident that immediately after the brief show of “support” Biden immediately left, and got straight on his plane to head to Silicon Valley for a fundraiser.

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